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    Hengrui "Carelli Pearl Monostathry" joint synchrotron chemotherapy phase 3 clinical approval

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Esophageal cancer is a type of malignant tumor that occurs in the epithelial of esophageal mucosa, with the world's cancer incidence rate in the 8th, the 6th mortality rate, and more than 50% of esophageal cancers occurring in ChinaAbout 90% of esophageal cancer types in China are scale cancersurgery is the main means of treating esophageal cancer, for cervical esophageal cancer and patients who can not operate or refuse surgery, root-based synchronous chemotherapy is recommended by the guidelines, but its long-term local control rate of 38%-55%, nearly half of the subjects will have local recurrence or distant metastasis, patients receiving styrogent synchroative chemotherapy 5-year survival rate of only about 20%, so the need for further search for non-surgical end-of-lifeCarelliZumab, a humanized PD-1 monoclonal antibody developed by Hengrui Pharmaceuticals and has intellectual property rights, was approved for listing in May 2019, and its advanced esophageal syllplilates have been declared and included in the priority review, and are listed as Grade I expert recommendations in the 2020 CSCO esophageal cancer diagnosis and treatment guidelines released recentlypre-completed Carellizhu monosuphertic contrast researchers selected chemotherapy programs for patients with advanced/metastatic esophageal scale cancer escort trial results showed that for patients with advanced or metastatic esophageal scale cancer who had previously failed in the first line of chemotherapy, the treatment of Carellizumab single drug compared to the researchers selected chemotherapy, can bring more significant survival benefits to patients, and patients with good resistance to the drug, safe and controllable side effectsbased on the breakthrough efficacy of immunotherapy in the treatment of advanced esophageal cancer, and further combined with Carillizumab therapy on the basis of standard synchrotron chemotherapy, is expected to bring survival benefits to the majority of patients, and may provide more effective treatment options for patients with local advanced esophageal squamous cancer who cannot be surgically removedInsight database, there are currently 14 Phase III clinical studies currently under way for Carellizumab, involving almost all major cancer strainsIts 2nd and 3rd New Indications: In conjunction with Permey Querce and Capende, for advanced or metastatic non-scaly NSCLCs previously untreated in the wild type of EGFR/ALK;Photo Source: Lilac Garden Insight Database ()Original Title: Hengrui "Carelli BeadSamono" Joint Synchrotron Chemotherapy Phase III ClinicalLy Approved, Over 14 Phase III Simultaneous Development!
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