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    High and low temperature test box inside the box maintenance 5 points of attention

    • Last Update: 2020-11-19
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    High and low temperature test cases are also very common in the laboratory, mainly for electricians, electronic products, as well as its components and other materials in high temperature, low temperature integrated environment transport, when used adaptive testing.
    used in product design, improvement, identification and inspection.
    high and low temperature test box of the inner box maintenance, the outer layer of equipment because of the long dust is inevitable, so the outer layer of maintenance many people understand.
    not be complicated, but because the interior is the core of its work to be particularly careful and careful.
    here are some internal maintenance methods, hoping to help customers.
    1. The equipment is cleaned at least once a week, cleaning with soapy water wipe can be, instrument humidifier inspection and maintenance, humidifier water storage, should be replaced once a month to ensure clean water quality, humidification water tray should be cleaned once a month, to ensure smooth flow of water.
    2. Condensers should be maintained regularly and kept clean.
    Dust sticky condenser will make the compressor high-voltage switch jump off and produce a false alarm, condenser is also suitable for monthly maintenance, the use of vacuum cleaner on the condenser cooling mesh attached to its dust removal or power on the use of a hard brush or high-pressure air nozzle to blow clean dust.
    . At the end of each test, the test case needs to be cleaned with clean water to keep the equipment clean, and after the case is cleaned, the case should be dried and the case kept dry.
    4. The water level of the water reservoir should not be too high, so that the water overflows the water reservoir or is too low to make the wet ball test cloth absorb water abnormally, resulting in an impact on the accuracy of the wet ball.
    and the water level is about six points full, the water level of the water reservoir can be adjusted to adjust the level of the water box.
    5. When the test cloth surface is not clean or hardened, the equipment after the temperature control, continue to do warm and humid ball degree control must be replaced before the test cloth.
    test cloth about three months to replace, when replacing the use of cleaning cloth wipe the temperature measurement body, replace the new test cloth should be cleaned first.
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