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    High cost and multiple procedures, Nanjing Auto Repair spray paint "oil" to "water" is embarrassing

    • Last Update: 2021-05-01
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    When it comes to "paint", many people have the impression that it smells pungent and contains carcinogens.
    Paint and
    paint are also one of the important accomplices in causing PM2.
    5 pollution.
    In 2017, Nanjing launched a special treatment of volatile organic compound pollution.
    As one of the industries with the largest amount of "oil-based paint", more than 800 motor vehicle maintenance units in the city were required to ban the use of "oil-based paint" and switch to "water-based paint.
    On May 31, the reporter learned from the Nanjing municipal automobile maintenance industry department that at present, the implementation process of "oil" to "water" is not smooth.
    According to reports, with the traditional "painting" different, "water-based paint" water as a diluent, less pollution, no smell.
    The data shows that the use of water-based paint can reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds by more than 60%-70%, which is more in line with the requirements of "clean production".

    As a first-class automobile maintenance company in Nanjing and one of the largest automobile maintenance companies in the Nanjing market, Sun Haiyang, the person in charge of Jiangsu Huahai Automobile Maintenance Company, said frankly that in the process of changing "oil" to "water", they clearly felt that Strenuous.
    Equipment needs to be replaced, technology needs to be updated, and production costs have increased by 30 to 40%.

           Sun Haiyang introduced that even if the company does not transfer production costs to consumers, the raw materials of "water-based paint" are basically imported, and the price is definitely higher than that of "oil-based paint".
    Judging from the current market situation, it is not very pleasing to consumers.
    Affected by this, most small and medium-sized auto repair companies in Nanjing choose to continue to wait and see.

    In addition, "water-based paint" requires more manual operation.
    As a world-recognized vocational skill, changing "oil" to "water" will inevitably involve the retraining of traditional automobile painters.
    The requirement for employees to be off-the-job and the long training period is also one of the reasons why many small and medium-sized enterprises choose to wait and see.

    Chen Jun, deputy director of the Nanjing Automobile Maintenance Industry Management Office, introduced that the current automobile maintenance enterprises in Nanjing that use "water-based paint" account for 30% of the total market.
    Most capable enterprises are stuck in the "technical talents" category.
    turn off.
    On May 31st, the Nanjing Auto Repair Industry Staff Skills Competition officially kicked off, including the "water-based paint" spraying event.

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    Photo courtesy of Nanjing Automobile Maintenance Industry Management Office at the scene of the auto repair competition "We want to let more players and companies understand and familiarize with the construction process of water-based paint through this skill competition, and promote the popularization of water-based paint.
    " Chen Jun said that water-based auto spray paint is the general trend , Equipment replacement, labor training and other costs are what any enterprise must pay in the future industrial development process.
    Fortunately, more and more companies have paid attention to and promoted the environmental protection of automobiles.
    But environmental protection is not an overnight effort.
    Chen Jun hopes that citizens can also refuse "oily paint" in their lives and work together to exchange our blue sky.

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