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    High-performance composite foam strain sensor for efficient monitoring of human movement

    • Last Update: 2021-06-17
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      As we all know, the flexible strain sensor can effectively detect the physical signal from the human body, so it is of great significance in wearable electronic devices
    Among a series of reported strain sensors, foam-based sensors have received more attention due to their light weight and excellent air permeability

    However, the working range of this type of sensor is still not wide enough, and its sensitivity needs to be further improved

    In view of this, the team of Academician Huang Wei from the Institute of Advanced Materials of Nanjing University of Technology reported a high-performance (wide working range, high device sensitivity) foam-type strain sensor, which is composed of MXene (Ti
    3 C 2 T X ) , Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) are prepared by a simple salt template method (Figure 1)
    The resulting TPU/MWCNTs@MXene foam sensor device can provide up to about 100% of the working strain range, while the sensitivity is as high as 363, which is better than the most advanced foam strain sensors reported today

    In addition, the composite foam material also has good air permeability and elastic modulus close to the skin, indicating that it has high comfort as a wearable sensor

    Therefore, based on the above-mentioned structural and performance advantages, the sensor can effectively detect physical information such as human joint movement, finger movement, and vocal cord vibration

    In addition, it can also be used for gesture recognition, thereby showing potential application prospects in the field of human-computer interaction

    The result was recently titled "High-Performance Foam-Shaped Strain Sensor Based on Carbon Nanotubes and Ti
    3 C 2 T xMXene for the Monitoring of Human Activities" was published in the internationally renowned journal "ACS Nano"


      Figure 1.
    The process flow diagram of preparing TPU/MWCNTs@MXene foam sensor device


      Article highlights:

    In this paper, a simple and economical salt template method is used to prepare a high-performance foam sensor containing TPU/MWCNT/MXene, which has a sensitivity of up to 363 and a strain range of up to 100%


    The prepared strain sensor also exhibits good cyclic stability under the loading and unloading cycle test, so it has great performance in detecting human motion information (such as finger/shoulder/knee bending, mouth opening, throat vibration).
    Application potential


    Based on its unique porous foam structure, the device has air permeability and elastic modulus close to the skin, indicating that it has excellent application potential in the field of flexible wearable electronic devices



      Figure 2.
    TPU/MWCNTs@MXene composite foam sensor structure (a), mechanical properties (b), air permeability (c) characterization


      Figure 3.
    The TPU/MWCNTs@MXene composite foam sensor is used to detect various movements of the human body


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