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    High-temperature insulation coating insulation coating insulation effect is excellent

    • Last Update: 2021-01-16
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    China Coatings Online News Information:
    insulation effect, temperature resistance exceeded 2000 degrees C, a wide range of applications. High temperature insulation coating selected a special silicate inorge solution as a coating film, fillers choose nano-hollow ceramic microbeads, aluminum silicate fiber and thermal reflection energy-saving materials as solid materials. High temperature insulation coating composition is inorgeable materials, hollow ceramic microbead content reached more than 80%, and ceramic microbead volume is above 80 eyes, so that high temperature insulation coating in the hollow ceramic microbead cavity air in the heat, not in the generation of thermal trove, as well as ceramic microbeads and ceramic microbeads between the air layer after heating is not producing heat troposphere.
    In the case of the object has a temperature difference without thermal diffusion, coupled with pure inorganical materials as the support of the coating, to create a high temperature insulation coating to static air and inorganical materials composed of insulation shield, thermal reflection energy-saving materials as an auxiliary, coating coating thermal conductivity close to the vacuum thermal conductivity, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation effect is good. High temperature insulation coating above structure, that is, to create a warm water bottle insulation insulation, thin coating coating, it is equivalent to hundreds or thousands of warm water bottles stacked together, thermal insulation effect is very good. The coating is coated with fiber inorgeable material, the coating will not produce cracks in each brushing a certain thickness, and the effect of heat frequency vibration is good.
    Reduce heat loss, prevent heat transfer and heat radiation, heat-resistant insulation coatings are years of research results, with the world's leading coating research and development technology, and after more than ten years of research and development applications, coating technology has been greatly improved. High temperature insulation coating is a series of space energy-saving insulation coatings, space energy-saving insulation coatings including high temperature type and room temperature type, high temperature insulation coating according to different usage is divided into (-60 degrees C to 600 degrees C, the proportion is 1200Kg/m3), (-60 degrees C) 1000 degrees C, the proportion is 1200Kg/m3) and (800 degrees C to 1800 degrees C, the proportion is 2200Kg/m3) three temperature-resistant coatings, all three coatings have a thermal conductivity of only 0.03W/m.K (70 degrees C measurement). Heat-resistant insulation coating, temperature-resistant 2000 degrees C, paint at high temperature, room temperature without any odor, no harmful substances produced. The main function of the coating is to prevent thermal conduction, thermal conductivity is only 0.03W/m.K, high temperature insulation coating can effectively suppress and shield radiation heat and conduction heat, thermal insulation suppression efficiency of up to about 90%, can inhibit the heat radiation and heat loss of high temperature objects, low temperature objects can effectively keep cool and can inhibit the loss of cold water caused by environmental radiation heat, but also prevent the production of object condensate.
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