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    Higher quality fermented milk developed successfully, China's lactic acid bacteria agent no longer rely on imports

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Recently, "Functional Lactobacillus Targeted Screening and Industrialapplication Key Technology" led by Gu Qing, Professor of Zhejiang University of Industry and Commerce, won the second prize of the 2019 National Science and Technology Progress Awardfunctional fermented dairy products have unique nutritional health functions, is the fastest growing category of domestic and foreign dairy consumption in recent years, with an annual growth rate of 10% to 15%But many people may not be clear, because of China's lack of independent intellectual property rights of functional lactic acid bacteria agent, domestic production enterprises used in the bacteria agent long-term dependence on importsChina's lactic acid bacteria resources are very rich, but the systematic research and development started late, especially for the functional mining of the resources of the bacteria and the mechanism of action research is not enough, restricting the industrialization of functional lactic acid bacteria developmentLactic acid bacteria or probiotics are one of the most core raw materials of dairy enterprises, which determines the flavor and texture of fermented yogurt" food science is a very applied subjectWe work closely with companies in the early stages of scientific research to establish research directions in accordance with market demandIt can be said that the cooperation between industry, education and research leads the development of our discipline, so that it can better play the role of serving the people's livelihoodGu Qing saidFor example, for Chinese more like to eat cooked vegetables, from food intake of folic acid deficiency problem, the project team developed a yogurt containing reductive folic acid, as a supplement better than chemical synthetic drugs" the breakthrough of this technology has been an effective guide to the screening of functional lactic acid bacteria and can help us quickly screen out the target strains"As one of the completion units of the project, Zhejiang Yiming Food Co, Ltdresearch and development director Chen Bo introduced, Yiming company also set up a bacterial resource bank, focusing on the production of folic acid and other B vitaminfunctional strains, while studying lactic acid bacteria characteristics and fermentation milk processing technology, optimize the processing process, developed a higher quality of fermented milk, " produced Mediterranean yogurt, warm yogurt and many other popular products, strongly promote enterprise innovation and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises"in view of the current situation of functional mining and underdevelopment of Chinese bacterial resources, the project team created a new method of precise screening of functional lactic acid bacteria to obtain high-quality bacteria with clear functional factors;Gu Qing said that the successful development of the agent will help China's dairy industry exports overseas, in the domestic market and the global market will occupy a larger share the advent of fermented milk not only solves the problem that special people can't enjoy pure milk because of lactose intolerance, but also expands the rich taste of dairy products The first commercialized fermented milk is a non-bacterial dairy product formed by the fermentation of raw cattle (sheep) milk after fermentation of a specific lactic acid bacteria, with the introduction of the concept of intestinal probiotics and the development of research, more and more live-based dairy products into the market, including fermented milk and lactic acid bacteria beverage two categories In the face of a wide range of live bacteria-containing dairy products, some businesses often promote the concept of the concept of consumers do not know how to choose The first thing to test the king is to take you to understand some basic knowledge. knowledge: some basic concepts of dairy products containing live bacteria you can often see the concept of "probiotics" and "probiotics" in advertising publicity, what is it, how many people can say clearly? And fermented milk and lactic acid bacteria beverage in the end how to define it? probiotics and probiotics probiotics are a class of active microorganisms beneficial to the host. probiotics, some products labeled as "dietary fiber", said that the popular point is probiotic rations, it can not be digested in the small intestine (so also known as "non-digestion oligosaccharides"), can stimulate the growth of probiotics, the number of harmful bacteria will decline, thus playing the role of regulating the intestinal flora, such as polyglutosis, oligosaccharides, oligosaccharides, low-sugar, low-sugar, soy sugar, soy sugar, (Note: infants under three years of age do not recommend to drink dairy products with chrysanthemum powder) fermented milk and lactic acid bacteria beverage fermented milk fermented milk is what we call "yogurt", careful people will find in their goods outsourced to implement the standard column will be labeled GB19302 The academic term for yogurt in GB19302-2010 is "sour milk", i.e products made from fermentation, inoculation of heat-obsessed streptococcus and Bulgarian Lactobacillus (Bulgarian subspecies of Dactium Lactobacillus) fermented with raw cow (sheep) milk or milk powder. lactic acid beverage GB/ T21732-2008, lactic acid beverage refers to milk or dairy products as raw materials, by lactic acid bacteria fermented in the emulsion added to water, as well as white sugar and/or sweetener and/or sweeteners, acid, fruit juice, tea, coffee, plant extract, etc one or more modulated beverages It is distinguished between sterilization (non-living bacteria) and unsterilized (live bacteria) type according to whether it has been sterilized. Source: Technology And Financial Times Luoyang Disease Control
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