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    Highly Intelligent Edible Oil Benzopyrene Detector@2022【New Product】Highly Intelligent Edible Oil Benzopyrene Detector

    • Last Update: 2022-08-20
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    [Shandong Yuntang* Recommended new product YT-GB3] Highly intelligent edible oil benzopyrene detector@2022 [New product] Highly intelligent edible oil benzopyrene detector → Click here to enter the customer service online consultation and preferential area

    The main business of Shandong Yuntang Intelligent Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    is to develop and produce instruments for pesticide residue detection, food safety testing, soil testing, plant physiology, etc.
    , and to provide comprehensive solutions for agriculture, forestry, agricultural product testing and other related fields

    Shandong Yuntang Intelligent lets integrity escort high-quality development.
    We will strive to provide more reliable product quality and more humanized after-sales service to our customers and create greater value for the society

    Benzopyrene (BAP) is a carcinogenic and mutagenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compound

    Our daily diet, such as edible oil and smoked meat products, may produce benzopyrene during the processing.
    For the detection of benzopyrene, the highly intelligent edible oil benzopyrene detector developed by Shandong Yuntang is dedicated to edible oil, etc.
    For the detection of benzopyrene in food, this instrument can also be used for substrates with complex components and high oil content such as rapeseed oil and roasted chicken legs

    The highly intelligent benzopyrene detector can quickly detect whether the content of benzopyrene in edible oil and sesame oil exceeds the standard.
    Through a fast, simple and efficient processing method, and the principle of immunocompetitive analysis, it can be determined whether the sample contains benzo(a) ) pyrene, with high accuracy, providing corresponding guarantees for the safety of oil use in various industries

      This highly intelligent benzopyrene detector is an integrated rapid detection and analysis equipment for food safety.
    Units are widely used

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