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    Hollysys signed a framework cooperation agreement with the School of Information of Beijing University of Chemical Technology

    • Last Update: 2022-05-23
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      General Manager Zhai Qingming, Deputy General Manager Jiao Xiaoying, Deputy Chief Engineer Li Chunfu, Marketing Manager Liu Dong, Beijing University of Chemical Technology Secretary of the Party Committee Feng He, Dean Wang Youqing, Deputy Deans Wang Xueqin, Li Dazi , Zhang Fan, Professor Chen Juan, Director of the Control Discipline of the School of Information, and teachers' representatives Professor Zhou Jinglin, Professor Zhao Zhong and other leaders attended the signing ceremony


      Jiao Xiaoying and Wang Youqing signed the "School-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement" on behalf of Industrial Soft Company and Beihua Information Institute respectively


      Secretary Feng He expressed in his speech that he hoped to take a higher step on the basis of the original good cooperation through the opportunity of signing the contract between the two parties
    The signing of the cooperation agreement between the two parties is a new milestone in the mutual strengthening of cooperation



      At present, the School of Information consists of the Department of Automation, the Department of Measurement and Control Technology, the Department of Computer, and the Department of Information Engineering, covering most of the application directions in the field of information technology, forming a complete talent training system
    In recent years, the college has continuously pioneered and innovated in the field of emerging technologies through the development concept of strengthening the college through talents

    Industrial Software Company is a subsidiary of Hollysys Group specializing in the research and development and service of industrial software products.
    It is committed to providing users with professional industrial software systems and customized smart factory overall solutions

    The cooperation between the two parties has broad development space and beautiful cooperation scenarios.
    We are in the same industry and in a new era.
    The integration of multiple opportunities will surely bring inexhaustible impetus to the cooperation between the two parties



      Jiao Xiaoying said that, first of all, I would like to thank the leaders and professors of Beihua Information Institute for their attention and full support, so that our cooperation agreement can be successfully implemented today


      In the early stage, we have enhanced mutual understanding through the establishment of scholarships, equipment donations, student internships and mutual visits, and laid a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation
    Since its establishment, Hollysys has taken technological innovation and product research and development as its core competitiveness, and has cooperated closely with industry users, universities, and research institutes to jointly provide industrial customers with safe and reliable system products and solutions.
    Currently, it has hundreds of core Patented technology

    Taking the signing as an opportunity this time, the two parties will continue to strengthen cooperation, expand cooperation fields, deepen cooperation levels, and make continuous efforts to realize the national intelligent manufacturing strategy.


      The successful signing of the school-enterprise cooperation agreement marks that the cooperation between Hollysys and Beihua Institute of Information has reached a new level .
    School-enterprise synergy and win-win development, forging hard-core power, and opening a new chapter in industrial automation


    Thoroughly implement the concept of school-enterprise cooperation, build a new pattern of industry-university-research integration, help school-enterprise coordinated and win-win development, forge hard-core power, and open a new chapter in industrial automation

      Original title: Hollysys signed a framework cooperation agreement with the School of Information of Beijing University of Chemical Technology
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