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    Home paint procurement needs to pay attention to the three elements

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    1, fire prevention, rust-proof paint one can not be less
    fire prevention: to the wooden dragon bone brush
    fire paint
    can play a flame retardant and fire can play a role in slowing the fire, therefore, do not omit this process, ceiling (ceiling decoration effect map) if the wood strip must brush fire
    anti-corrosion: door cover back plate should be coated with
    , kitchen ceiling wood must be painted fireproof anti-corrosion paint.
    anti-rust: home carpentry to use nails, in the nail eye should be painted rust-proof paint to ensure quality.
    Note: a two-bedroom house, the overall fire protection paint, anti-corrosion paint, anti-rust paint costs add up, will not exceed 200 yuan, but the construction team often ignore these 3 steps, we must pay attention.
    large core plate every decoration, will be more or less used, his
    quality directly related to the content of formaldehyde in the room, so in the big core plate must not save money.
    Purchase standard: ordinary home decoration large core plate usage will not exceed 10, so even if you buy the most expensive core plate, the total price can be controlled within 1500 yuan, so it is recommended to buy a single price of more than 125 yuan of large core plate, environmental protection and quality assurance, at the same time will not increase excessive project budget.
    note: generally 100 square meters or so of the bedroom using large core plate not more than 20 sheets, do not use large core plate under the floor to do lining, so as not to cause the indoor air formaldehyde seriously exceeded the standard.
    few people ever thought cement would buy the best, which is definitely a mistake. The quality of cement is directly related to the paste strength of the tiles, if you do not want to stay 2-3 months later, the tiles on the drum, fall off, it is recommended to buy high-quality cement.
    cement must be produced within 30 days, otherwise the cement bonding capacity will be reduced. Good cement tiles do not need to add 108 glue.
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