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    Hong Kong and Singapore are working together on dust-proof coatings

    • Last Update: 2021-01-14
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    Air pollution in the Mainland in recent years is a cause for concern, one of the culprits is cutting marble material, released a large amount of marble dust. The Hong Kong Institute of Higher Education and Technology (THEi) has teamed up with Nanyang Institute of Technology in Singapore to develop a bionic technology that blends marble powders and nano-silicone compounds into oil- and dust-resistant coatings. Wang Yuanxuan, a first-level tutor in the Department of Architecture, Technology and Engineering at the THEi Institute of Science and Technology, who led the students' research, said the project was patenting locally and in the Mainland and expected to initially market the product in a year's time.
    the marble powder itself is industrial waste, and when making building materials, workers are required to cut the marble material, releasing a large amount of marble dust during that time. Apart from causing damage to workers' lungs and respiratory tracts, serious air pollution is also caused. Wang Yuanxuan, a first-level tutor in the Department of Building Science, Technology and Engineering at the THEi Institute of Technology, has worked with a number of teachers and students, as well as the Nanyang Institute of Technology's School of Chemistry and Life Sciences in Singapore, to convert pollutants into useful materials using nanotechnology.
    Destructed into bao Hong Kong and Singapore to cooperate in the study of dust-proof coatings
    Wang Yuanxuan said, to make waterproof and oil-proof coatings, first 100 grams of marble powder and a 1 g of nano-silicon compounds into the beaker mixture, through a hundred degrees Celsius and eight atmospheric pressure reaction process, about six hours can be completed, "through this relatively high temperature and high pressure process, the two can form a solid chemical bond, so as to achieve a complete and complete surface change process." As a result of the paint produced, safety experiments at Nanyang Institute of Technology in Singapore have proved to be non-toxic to the environment and the human body.
    He points out that the new coating will be suitable for different surfaces, including building stone, glass curtain wall, brick walls in the home, and even steel and aluminum, "because the paint has ultra-hydrophobic cleaning function, when rain passes through the paint surface, it will produce a lotus leaf effect, the surface dust washed away." He
    that because of the wet weather in Hong Kong , the home is prone to damp mold , and the use of paint can make water not enter the wall , greatly reducing the possibility of mold .
    Looking ahead to the future, Mr Wang said he was applying for patents locally and in the Mainland, and the next step was to add sterilization to increase the functionality of the coating. He also estimated that after mass production, the public would be able to purchase one litre of paint for about $300.
    Tan Jiayu, a fourth-year THEi environmental engineering and management student who participated in the study, said that his graduation lessons were similar to the current type of research, and that he had learned a lot from Wang, "having heard literature review before, it was two different things to do, and it was not easy to find out." "
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