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    How about Taiyuan Mary Women's Hospital, experts tell you what is the harm of oophoritis

    • Last Update: 2023-01-05
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    How about Taiyuan Mary Women's Hospital, experts tell you what is the harm of oophoritis
    Author: Meilin
    is located at: Health Encyclopedia

    Taiyuan Mary Gynecology Hospital focuses on the diagnosis and treatment
    of gynecological diseases such as gynecological inflammation, family planning, cervical diseases, infertility, and intimate repair.
    It not only provides women with medical services such as gynecological disease treatment, preventive examination, and psychological counseling, but also promotes green humanistic medical care and carries out "outpatient one-stop" services, carefully empathizing with women's hearts, so that women can feel the warmth and care
    of home in Taiyuan Mary Women's Hospital.

    Oophoritis is a disease of ovarian inflammation caused by female pelvic inflammatory disease infection, this disease will cause the function of female ovaries to be damaged, affect the combination of sperm and eggs, and will destroy the living environment of sperm eggs, and even lead to the release of eggs is hindered, so oophoritis has a certain impact on pregnancy, so can you get pregnant with oophoritis? Regarding this problem, in fact, as long as you have healed after treatment, you can get pregnant

    First, can I still get pregnant if I have oophoritis?

    Oophoritis for the health of the female body will produce audio, especially for pregnancy will have an adverse effect, women in the pregnancy if the oophoritis will affect the combination of sperm and egg, and then lead to pregnancy failure, then with oophoritis can still get pregnant? This female friend does not have to worry too much, oophoritis is only a kind of ovarian inflammation caused by female pelvic inflammatory disease, as long as it is treated by a regular hospital, it can be cured, and there is no impact on pregnancy after healing, but women should pay special attention to the abnormalities to seek medical attention
    in time.

    Second, what are the dangers of oophoritis?

    Oophoritis will cause adhesions of female fallopian tubes and cause the fallopian tubes to become narrowed, which is not conducive to the combined operation of sperm and eggs, and even causes ectopic pregnancy because the trajectory of sperm and eggs is changed

    Although oophoritis is not a more serious disease, if not treated in time, it will cause tubal lesions, resulting in tubal sclerosis, and then infertility

    Oophoritis is caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, which will cause lesions of some female organs, which in turn leads to some diseases
    in the female physiological period.

    Based in Longcheng Taiyuan, the hospital has established extensive and in-depth technical cooperation
    with many hospitals.
    It has cooperated with many domestic scientific research for many times, organized medical technology development, research and guidance, carried out technical research on gynecological diseases, and used the subjects opened by the hospital as a clinical scientific research base to build a professional gynecological hospital
    in Sanjin.

    Taiyuan Mary Women's Hospital has been well received
    by patients with excellent services such as "one person, one doctor, one consultation room" and "one-stop medical treatment".
    Every time the hospital creates special services, it leads to a new health fashion, making people pay more attention to their own health and enjoy health

    If patients want to consult gynecological diseases, they can consult with Taiyuan Marie's doctor online: http://kp.

    You can also call 0351-7337557

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