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    How can streptococcal infection cause psoriasis?

    • Last Update: 2023-01-04
    • Source: Internet
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    Lao Zhang is a big pig farmer in the village, and over the years, he has not only made his family live a good life by raising pigs, but also helped the village build roads and bridges, which was praised by his fellow villagers!

    One day, he personally cleaned the pigsty as usual, and after the end, he suddenly felt a little pain in his throat, his forehead was a little hot, the thermometer measured, the body temperature was a little high, he thought it was a common cold and fever, went to the hospital for examination, and the doctor told him that he was infected with "streptococcus"

    This is not over, after a while, he went to the hospital for examination because of physical discomfort and found that he had psoriasis!

    The two are so close to each other that one has to doubt their relationship

    So is it a coincidence or is there really a relationship between them? What is Streptococcus? What is a streptococcal infection?

    Streptococcus is a common gram-positive coccus that is a pyogenic coccus that is widely found in nature and in human and animal feces and in the nasopharynx
    of healthy humans.

    There are many types of streptococcus, mainly divided into: (1) pyogenic streptococcus (2) grass green streptococcus (3) pneumococcus (4) alactococcus and so on

    The bacteria can be transmitted through direct contact or airborne droplets, or through mucocutaneous wounds, and in addition to the above channels, some contaminated foods such as meat, eggs, milk and their products may also cause infection

    The reason why Lao Zhang was infected with "streptococcus" above is inseparable
    from his daily work.

    As a big pig farmer who does everything by himself, Lao Zhang always cleans the pigsty himself, infects his streptococcus and hides in pig manure, takes the passage of manure water, stains Lao Zhang's exposed mucous membrane or wounds, enters Lao Zhang's body, and causes Lao Zhang to be infected
    As a result, Lao Zhang had symptoms such as sore throat and fever

    What is the relationship between streptococcal infection and psoriasis?

    Streptococcus is a common bacterium of upper respiratory tract infection, and psoriasis is a clinically common chronic inflammatory skin disease, the current etiology and pathogenesis of this disease, has not been completely clear, it is believed that it may be related to microbial infection, genetic and environmental factors, among which the occurrence of acute guttate psoriasis and patients infected with streptococcus are inseparable

    In addition, for those who already have psoriasis, infection with streptococcus can also lead to aggravation of some plaque psoriasis!

    Most acute guttate psoriasis later develops into plaque psoriasis!

    On the possible mechanism by which streptococcal infection leads to psoriasis

    (1) Allergy mechanism;

    (2) the mechanism of action of toxins;

    (3) cross-antigen reaction theory;

    (4) Leukocyte-mediated theory

    How psoriasis is treated

    In the field of Western medicine, psoriasis is usually treated by two ways: drug treatment and physical therapy

    The drug can be treated with acitretin capsules, amoxicillin, clavulanate potassium tablets, methotrexate tablets and other drugs under the guidance of a specialist, and external drugs
    such as tretinoin ointment and tazarotene gel can be applied at the same time.

    Traditional Chinese medicine treats psoriasis by means of differentiation and treatment

    "Medical Sect Jinjian" believes that the mechanism of this disease "is the skin of the wind and evil guests, and there is also blood dryness and difficult external glory", "that is, it is a combination of internal and external evil, and the external sense of six immoralities cannot be vented
    " Internal loss of conduction, muscle surface block"

    To sum up, it is believed that the occurrence of psoriasis is always inseparable from "blood" and "wind", and treatment should also start from these two aspects

    From the "blood" theory:

    As the so-called "cure the wind first treat the blood, the blood wind self-extinguishes", according to the diseases of blood heat, blood stasis and blood deficiency in psoriasis, the three treatment rules
    of cold blood, active blood and blood nourishment can be summarized.

    (1) At the beginning of psoriasis, blood fever is more common, proving that its treatment methods are clearing heat and cooling blood, detoxification and spot elimination;

    (2) Activate blood circulation and remove stasis;

    (3) Moisturize and cool blood

    From the "wind" on governance:

    Based on the theory of "wind is itchy", some doctors have also proposed a treatment method from the "wind" theory

    From the "poison" theory:

    The etiology of psoriasis is inseparable from the evil of poison, among which toxic fever type is more common in pustular psoriasis and pustular erythroderma psoriasis, in the treatment of fire poison blazing type should use cool serum heat, detoxification and dampness

    For the treatment of erythrodermic psoriasis, it is advisable to use Chinese medicine decoction that "clears heat and disinfects spots

    Well, that's it for today's introduction, we'll see you another day!

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