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    How can the melting bu be saved to ensure filtration efficiency?

    • Last Update: 2020-07-15
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    is the core filter material of the kou cover, which is mainly determined by the filtration mechanism of the melting spray filter material, mainly divided into

    mechanical barrier and electrostatic adsorption

    , mechanical barrier

    mechanical barrier has the following conditions:

    1, air particle size is greater than 5um droplets can be blocked by filter materials outside

    2, when the diameter of the dust is less than 3um, the microdust is mechanically intercepted by the curved hole fiber layer in the kou cover filter material

    3, when the particle size and air flow speed are large, the particles are captured due to inertia and fiber collision, when the particles are low flow rate, the particles are captured by brown movement on the fiber

    two, static adsorption

    usually in the production process of melting bu

    will be stationed in the polar treatment, so that non-woven fabric with more static electricity, with electrostatic adsorption

    Electrostatic adsorption refers to the capture of dust bacterial viruses by the coulomb force of the load fiber when the fiber of the filter material is charged

    There are two ways to

    improve the charge storage capacity of the standing polar material


    By increasing the crystallinity and mechanical deformation of the material, the structure of the material can be changed, and the formation of a slender hole channel prevents charge drift


    The charge trap capturecharge is generated by the introduction of additives with charge storage properties

    three, kou


    spray bu

    how to store

    visible from the figure, improve the filter ingenity of the kou


    , the key is the melting spray non-woven static storage, in the current kou


    circulation speed, static decay is not enough (such as after the factory, half a month to the user), and the normal medical kou


    are valid for 6 months, and some Japanese kou

    valid for three years

    melt-sprayed nonwovens are very sensitive to environmental humidity

    Someone has done an experiment, at room temperature high humidity (relative humidity is greater than 95%) conditions stored for 7 days, positive and negative corona charging sample surface potential has been attenuated to the initial value of 28% and 36%, respectively

    at this time because the melting non-woven fabric has an open structure, its surface area is larger than the surface, with the surrounding environment more contact surface, making it more sensitive to the environment of water vapor, corrosive gases, hetero-charge particles, etc., at the same time, the corona charging system can only produce low beam energy ion charge, the charge injected during the charging process is mostly deposited on the surface fiber of the cloth near surface layer

    when the sample is stored or operated in a high humidenvironment, a large amount of charge loss is caused by the compensatory effect of polar groups in water molecules, hetero-ions in the atmosphere, etc

    on the high concentration surface charge on the fiber


    in order to ensure the filter

    ing efficiency



    , the

    , away from places with potential energy
    , such as televisions, refrigerators, transformers and other electrical appliances


    from the

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