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    How does the family remove the glue on the tiles

    • Last Update: 2021-03-22
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    Tile glue is a new type of modern decoration material, specially used on tiles, and has replaced traditional cement yellow sand.
    The adhesive force of tile adhesive is several times that of cement mortar, which can effectively paste large tiles and stones to avoid the risk of falling tiles.
    At present, tiles in many homes are laminated with tile glue.
    Sometimes tile glue will overflow and form glue stains
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    So, how to remove this glue stain?

    Here are some methods I summarized:

    You can take a rag soaked in vinegar to cover the entire glue mark.
    After the glue is completely wet, you can easily remove it with a ruler.

    Blow the glued parts with a hair dryer, and the glue can be easily removed from the baking heat.

    Apply Fengyoujing to the glue mark.
    After a while, the glue mark will be wiped off.
    You might as well try it.

    Alcohol + eraser can also be used, although this method is more tiring, but the effect is good.

    Apply the facial oil that we usually use to wipe it evenly.
    After a while, use your nails to cut off the parts that can be cut off first, and wipe off the rest with a wet towel.

    If possible, soak it in water first, then apply a little detergent, and then use an old toothbrush to see the effect.

    A cloth dipped in wine tips or Erguotou wipes will also have a good effect.

    Add a little nitrogen water and turpentine mixture with soap to remove glue marks.

    Use the transparent glue with good viscosity to repeatedly tear the areas with glue marks.
    You can also remove some of them to make the glue marks no longer obvious.
    Apply a little bit of sodium sulfate and wipe it off with one wipe, or use paint thinner.

    Wipe with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover or air oil, the glue marks can also be removed.

    Use special detergent or sports shoes decontamination cream to wipe.

    If it is a long-lasting and hardened trace, you can soften it with a hot towel first, and then try the above methods.

    The above are some simple methods I summarized, which are very practical in daily life and can easily help you remove stains on tiles.

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