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    How does the fluid heating and cooling device work?

    • Last Update: 2022-05-02
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      The fluid heating and cooling device can be accurately matched with reactors, reactors, etc.
    for rapid heating and cooling, providing constant temperature experimental field sources for petrochemical, biopharmaceutical, new energy semiconductor and other industrial applications


    The temperature control within the full range, the cooling capacity is large, the cooling speed is fast, and the energy consumption is low, which greatly improves the work efficiency

     Refrigeration principle of fluid heating and refrigeration device? The heat transfer medium of the fluid heating and refrigeration device is a coolant, which transports the heat generated by other instruments or equipment that needs to be cooled, and sends the heat to the outside of the equipment through the refrigeration system to ensure that the equipment works within the normal temperature range

    A closed medium circulation is formed between the fluid heating refrigeration device and the instrument by the pressure of the pump in the device, and the temperature of the medium is detected by the temperature sensor to realize the control of the cooler

    The fluid heating and refrigeration device is semi-closed in circulation.
    There is no oil mist volatilization at high temperature, the heat transfer oil will not be oxidized and browned, and the water vapor in the air will not be absorbed at low temperature, which prolongs the life of the heat transfer oil; realize the fluid heating and refrigeration device The required temperature is also related to the temperature requirements of the equipment model, so a fluid heating and cooling device suitable for the model is selected to achieve the desired temperature range in the experiment


    When selecting a fluid heating and cooling unit, calculations are required to calculate the size of its jacket or coil to budget for the time required for temperature control, and the user can customize whether explosion or isolation is necessary

       Different mediums of fluid heating and refrigeration device temperature are divided into oil-cooled fluid heating and refrigeration devices, different temperatures and different media, water can be selected at normal temperature, heat transfer oil can be selected at high temperature, and refrigerant can be selected at low temperature

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