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    How is autoimmune disease treated? To the treatment of inflammation

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.au8217autoimmune disease, is a chronic disease that includes arthritis, lupus and other physical immune systems that attack their own tissues, common symptoms are low infection capacity, easy to relapse and lead to severe infections, often leading to great physical and mental painAt present, most treatments for autoimmune diseases focus on reducing the effectiveness of the immune system through immunosuppressionbut in the new study, KRCBS researchers propose a new study that starts with: Can inflammatory antibody Ter119 treat inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases?antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system that help prevent intruders, such as viruses or bacteria, from harming the bodyTer119 is a special inflammatory antibody that aims to destroy red blood cellsPreviously, the research team has successfully treated immunoplatelet-reducing cyanosis (ITP) examples in laboratory studies using Ter119, in this trial, the researchers injected mice with the highly inflammatory red blood cell-specific antibody Ter119 and found that the functionalter119 had an unexpected therapeutic effect in the serum metastasis model of K/BxN arthritisIt can quickly reverse the clinical progression of collagen-induced arthritis (CAIA) and collagen-induced arthritis, and completely corrects the increase in the expression of CAIA-induced mononucleosis fc receptor II/IIITer119 dose-dependent induction plasma chemometric factors CCL2, CCL5, CXCL9, CXCL10 and CCL11, which changethed the percentage of single-core cells in the blood and liver within 24 hours of actionTer119 reduces the production of chemofactors in the slip and prevents the accumulation of inflammatory cells and supplements in the slip membraneTer119 can also accelerate the decline of low temperature and pulmonary edema in acute lung injury modelsthe study shows that Ter119 has a wide range of highly effective anti-inflammatory effects and has broad therapeutic potential for autoimmune diseases"Immune suppression has been the cornerstone of the treatment of autoimmune diseases," said DrAlan Lazarus, co-director of the KRCBS Hematology-Immunological Transformation Al-Sista research collaboration and lead author of the study"Our research offers a new perspective on diseases that are difficult to treatbecause all the work on this study was done in a laboratory model, the researchers used Ter119 as the treatment result of multiple arthritis models to ensure consistency in their findings But there are limitations, and the disease models in this study are relatively acute, unlike most patients with chronic autoimmune diseases Dr Lazarus says the next step in the study will be to learn more about why some antibodies can fight autoimmune diseases Source: .1 Syding sydd sydd sdydd murine rhys yss ann anti-erythrocyte antibody Source:Science Sub-Journal: What can autoimmune diseases cure? To the treatment of inflammation
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