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    How much do you know about the difference between a graphite digester and an electric heating plate?

    • Last Update: 2022-05-02
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    How much do you know about the difference between a graphite digester and an electric heating plate?
    The intelligent graphite digestion instrument is the result of scientific and technological progress.
    It is used for sample pretreatment and digestion.
    It has the functions of intelligence, programming, strong batch size, easy operation and longer service life.
    The overall work efficiency is higher than the traditional stainless steel electric heating plate.
    It can quickly help the laboratory to complete the heating, acid removal, digestion and so on of the sample


    Sample processing Traditional electric hot plate processing samples usually determine the amount of digestion according to the size of the heating table and the size of the beaker and crucible, generally 10 to 20


    The intelligent graphite digestion instrument determines the sample volume for the number of digestion holes.
    The Chuanyi digestion instrument can digest 6 to 60 samples at one time, and the number of digestion samples is several times that of the traditional electric hot plate.
    Obviously, the sample processing can be 2.
    Heat evenly intelligent graphite digestion instrument The heating body is heated by high-purity graphite blocks, which has good heating uniformity and fast heating speed, and wraps the hole-type heating sample, which can heat the sample in multiple layers and directions, and digest the sample more


    The graphite material has better heat conduction than the traditional heating plate stainless steel material and alloy, and can reach a high temperature of more than 400 degrees

    Anti-corrosion ability The body of the smart graphite digester is made of anti-corrosion engineering plastic, the surface of the heating block is treated with anti-corrosion, the body and the heating block are inlaid with polytetrafluoroethylene, and the whole machine is sealed and artificially processed by multiple processes.
    Anti-corrosion treatment, can also be used for a long time in harsh environments


    Most of the traditional heating plates are made of metal materials, which are easily corroded in acid and alkali experiments, and their service life is shorter than that of digesters

    Programmable digestion and digestion The intelligent digestion instrument sets the program steps through the tablet, and then starts the programmed digestion and digestion of samples with one key, which can reduce tedious manual operations and labor errors in multi-process production.
    At the same time, intelligent digestion is suitable for multiple samples.
    Digestion, multiple types of digestion can save human resources


    The traditional electric hot plate requires manual one-to-one operation by manpower, and each step of the operation needs to be performed manually, which is low in intelligence and consumes a lot of resources

    Intuitive data The traditional electric heating plate can only view the current temperature and adjust the temperature through the numerical control display, and the degree of humanization is poor


    The intelligent graphite digestion instrument can observe the current digestion temperature, digestion step, and digestion time through the flat plate, intelligently record the digestion steps, and automatically save the digestion method

     The above is the introduction of the difference between graphite digestion instrument and electric heating plate.
    I believe that everyone has a corresponding understanding of this after reading.
    Graphite digestion instrument and electric heating plate have differences in different aspects such as heating degree and anti-corrosion ability.
    The choice should be based on the actual situation.
    Come to think about it, I hope it helps everyone


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