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    How much does it cost to open a cake shop?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Speaking of desserts, many people think of the first should be cake, because the cake is not only birthday to eat, in peacetime it is also a very delicious afternoon tea, it can be said that everyone loves to eat, regardless of men, women and childrenThus, cake is a very popular dessert, then some people think, since so popular, why not open a cake shop? Today, the editor came to talk to everyone about the process of opening a cake shop , and how much it would cost to open a cake shop?":color: #E53333 ;first of all, you want to clearly open a private cake shop of their own or join the cake shop, the process between the two is different, the small editor suggested that we better open a cake shop is better, because the brand is high visibility, many people are familiar with, if it is open a cake shop, no visibility, sales is not expected to be very good, here small to join the cake shop for example, to give you a detailed explanation of the opening process, a look!process one: consulting to understandcall the headquarters to join the phone or log on to the official website for consultationprocess II: field visitsvisit the headquarters of direct stores, franchisees, comprehensive communication and understandingprocess three: shop applicationfill in the application for opening shop, confirm the intention to open a shopprocess IV: sign a contractheadquarters issued a feasibility implementation plan, signed a franchise contract, awarded a franchise certificate, licensing licenseprocess five: to find shopconsult the owner, understand the rent, area, hydropower and electricity coal facilities to consult the local industry and commerce, understand the license processing rulesprocess six: unified design and decorationin accordance with the unified store image of the franchisee design and cost estimates, after the two sides determined, by the third-party construction team by the third-party construction team to complete the constructionprocess 7: system training in order to better franchisees will open the store red fire, headquarters will send commissioners to the franchisee and staff training, including sales skills, customer service skills and so on process eight: opening preparation to receive authorization, opening essentials, marketing instruction manual and other materials, to carry out corresponding training, shop decoration, logistics and distribution completed, personnel in place, ready to open Process 9: Grand Opening Make sure all openings are ready for grand opening After the official business headquarters to follow up the whole process to guide the operation of the franchise, to provide product upgrading, management optimization, technical training and other long-term operating support span style": "Color: #E53333; the general size of about 6000-8000 yuan, slightly larger about 11000-14000 yuan, and this also need to consider store issues, including decoration, staff, training staff and so on So how much does it cost to open a cake shop? This is no specific amount, because there is a lot to consider, or to the actual situation, small amount to the amount can only be used as a general reference is the summary of the small editor on the " the process of opening a cake shop, how much money it takes to open a cake shop " answer, I believe that everyone read the introduction of the above small editor, have an understanding of the process and price aspects of the opening of the cake shop, generally open the shop said trouble is also trouble, say no trouble, the key lies in how we think, well, today the small editor said that, if you want to small
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