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    How much room is there for price reduction in centralized procurement? Great price comparison of generic drugs between China and India!

    • Last Update: 2020-05-31
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    In fact, the results of the purchase of the "4 plus 7" expansion band in September this year, compared with the 2018 minimum purchase price in the Alliance region, the proposed winning price decreased by an average of 59%; Now that the price has dropped significantly, will the next tender continue to fall, to what is the real floor price? Is there a reference?last summer's hit film "I'm Not a Drug God" about drug dealers smuggling large quantities of anti-cancer generics from India, challenging the authority and bottom line of the law, but also giving hundreds of cancer patients and their families hope of survivalIndian generics are popular around the world for their cheap and beautiful features, and their world influence is unquestionableAt present, India's generic drugs are sold to dozens of countries around the world, including the United States, Britain, Germany and so on, the United States is the largest source of imports of indian generic drugsWith more than 500 FDA-certified pharmaceutical plants in India, total exports grew from $10.1 billion to $16.9 billion from 2012 to 2016, representing a COMPOUND annual growth rate of 13.73 percentIn terms of the proportion of export countries, the United States is India's main export market for total medicines, accounting for 38% of India's total exports in 2017 and 4.9% of India's total national exports in 2016India's generic drugs are cheap and have been recognized by the world's most stringent drug regulations in the United StatesThen we take the price of imitation drugs in India as a reference, compared to the "4 plus 7" expansion of the winning priceIn this way, it is expected that the third round of band procurement, which drugs still have room to reduce prices, what price is the lowest price in the marketAccording to combing 24 harvesting varieties (minus montapr) we see that most of the varieties in India are priced below $1, except for injections and givfeiniBased on the price comparison between Chinese and Indian generics, we found that there are still 14 varieties of drugs that are priced higher than indian genericsAnd a large proportion of the drugs are much higher, or even several times more than, Indian generics, which have room for 50 to 90 per cent price reductionsthe lowest price for fluobilifenester injections was 21.88 (Beijing Ted), but India's same-size drug price was only 2.49, which is still 8.7 times that of India under the squeeze of the collection priceSimilarly, the domestic prices of Monrushts (lowest price Shanghai Abisheng, 3.79), oxalic acid Essicipyran tablets (lowest price Dongting Pharmaceuticals, 3.98) and Anoitin tablets (lowest price Qilu Pharmaceuticals, 2.48) are 5-7 times higher than indian pricesIn addition, there is a large price reduction space for left eracetam tablets, hydrochloride tablets, injection symmoset and Malayacid inapulation, on the contrary, some drugs are already very competitive in the market, collecting prices only a dozen or even a few tenths of the price in IndiaFor example, The Ntikawe scattered piece, india price 7.2, while the collection price is only 0.18 (Suzhou Dongrui), only 1/40 of the price of India Fumaciatinofvir dipolyphan tablets, India price 3.53, collection price is only 0.29 (Ziru Pharmaceuticals), 1/12 of the price of India In addition, the competition between the benzoic acid chlorpyrifos (the lowest bid price suzhou Dongrui 0.06), the Ebesatan tablets (the lowest winning price of Haizheng Pharmaceuticals 0.33), the Renopri tablets (the lowest bid price Huahai Pharmaceuticals 0.23) and the Liperone tablets (the lowest bid price qilu Pharmaceuticals 0.05) are also very competitive compared with the price of imitation drugs in India, these drugs can be said to have reached the bottom price, in the next round of national collection should not be a big price reduction The low price, though no profit or even a loss, has deterred other competitors Such very low prices are usually only affordable by raw material stoics or large pharmaceutical companies, and are their competitive advantage And small and medium-sized generic drug enterprises do not have the capital strength and product line advantages, completely unable to fight the crushing of large enterprises, can only be eclipsed away so horizontal comparison can be more sober understanding of the market, a lot of pharmaceutical companies including some leaders are not understanding the discussion, said that the collection of prices broken, some enterprises can guarantee the quality cloud, in fact, the international market generic drugs should have been this price, and domestic pharmaceutical companies are only accustomed to high-priced high-grossing high rebate high space model, the normal return of drug prices but think not! in fact how do you think it is not important, the market and competitors how to think is the core, the market is the strong and the winner, the weak moaning and complaining has no meaning, also do not need you to worry about the world, worry about the people, there is no therapeutic value, will only give rebates to sell medicine enterprises, the party and the country and all the people, all hope that you go to death as fast as possible! Or you risk your life until the day you die!
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