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    How much wine can a hundred kilos of corn make?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Many people say that "wine" is not a good thing, drink too much driving will have a car accident, drink ingress will lead to stomach bleeding, but also cause headaches, but moderate drinking is still ok, there are certain benefits to the bodyIn addition, drink wine does not have to be that kind of with alcohol, you can also drink some fruit wine without alcohol, we all know that fruit wine can be brewed, in fact, in addition to fruit can be brewed, the ingredients can also be brewed, such as corn, the following small editor to say to everyonecorn wine brewing method, a hundred pounds of corn can brew how much wine?span style":#E53333;what is the method of brewing corn wine?"the specific steps of the operation as follows, let's take a look!first step: smashingAfter drying the corn or drying the moth, grind it with water or crush the mill into a fine end, sifting off the slagsecond step: StirAfter the sieve of the corn core powder spread on the sun, with warm water stirred, water consumption in every 50 kg of raw materials plus water 90-100 kg, mixed with hand-held materials have a moisture sense, but not clumpsthird step: steaming materialFill the bottle with the stirred ingredientsBut before botching, steam the empty bottle, wait for the steam flow to rise for five minutes, put the material into the bottle steamingOperation should be on a layer of gas, add one ni, in order to add to the bottle mouth, to be steamed until sweating loose bubblesGenerally 4 hours is steamedfourth step: glycingTo be steamed, after the bottle stall to dry to the temperature of the material down to about 35 degrees C when the next song For every 100 kg of raw material, with 1.75 kg of music After mixing evenly into the cylinder or barrel, the temperature of the material is good at 30 degrees C, and 18-20 hours of melting into sweet slurry step 5: fermentation In order to ensure that the raw material fermentation is good, after the cylinder with a little red bad, as well as 2 kg of powder The temperature of the equivalent material is reduced to 30 degrees C, and then it is returned to the fermentation tank The first day of fermentation temperature can reach 33 degrees C, the next day gradually lower, to the 7th day out of the cylinder, the temperature has dropped to 27-28 degrees C, can be extracted distillation step 6: Distillation Distillation process, the beginning to fire, the middle to maintain the fire temperature, and finally the fire distilled for 15 minutes, so that the material from start to finish all steamed out of the wine The finished wine degree is 40-80 degrees, the highest 50 degrees, white, fragrant, taste enzyme seventh step: complete the above six steps to make corn wine span style": "color: #E53333; how many wines can be made by a hundred pounds of corn?" different alcohol levels, the amount of alcohol produced will vary For example, 30-40 degrees of alcohol, probably can brew 60 to 70 pounds, alcohol 50 degrees, about 40 pounds of wine, and if the amount of alcohol as high as 50 degrees above, usually a pound of corn can produce 3-4 volumes of wine the summary is the small compilation of " corn wine brewing method, a hundred pounds of corn can brew how much wine? " answer, corn wine in daily life, in fact, very few people drink, generally drink corn wine people are mostly drinktomy to keep healthy, after all, corn is a high nutritional value of the ingredients, very suitable for health
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