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    How the frame filter works and what the structure is

    • Last Update: 2020-11-15
    • Source: Internet
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    The plate frame filter is used for the separation of solids and liquids.
    , compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, the filter filter mud cake has a higher content and excellent separation effect.
    the basic principle of solid fluid separation is: the mixture flows through the filter medium (filter cloth), solids stay on the filter cloth, and gradually accumulate on the filter cloth to form a filter mud cake.
    the filter part penetrates the filter cloth and becomes a solid-free liquid.
    with the filtration process, filter cake filtration began, mud cake thickness gradually increased, filter resistance increased.
    filtering time, the higher the separation efficiency.
    specially designed filter cloth can intercept particles with a particle size of less than 1 m. in addition to excellent separation effect and high solidity of mud cake,
    filter can also provide a further separation process: in the filtration process can be combined with the filter mud cake for effective washing, so that valuable substances can be recovered and high purity filter mud cake can be obtained.
    frame filter consists of an alternately arranged filter plate and a filter box to form a set of filter chambers.
    the surface of the filter plate has a groove, the protruding part is used to support the filter cloth.
    holes in the corners of the filter frame and filter plate, which are assembled to form a complete channel that can pass into the suspension, wash water and lead out the filter.
    , both sides of the frame have their hands on the cross-beam, by the pressing device to press the plate, the box.
    the filter between the plate and the box to play the role of gaskets.
    the feed pump will suspend the hydraulic pressure into the filter chamber, on the filter cloth to form the filter slag, until filled with the filter chamber.
    filter through the filter cloth and along the filter groove to the corner channel of the plate frame, centralized discharge.
    filter is complete, can be passed into the washing water washing slag.
    washing, sometimes compressed air is also flowed in to remove the remaining washing fluid.
    then open the filter to remove the slag, clean the filter cloth, re-press the plate, box, start the next working cycle. the
    -plate frame filter is mainly composed of a thrust plate (fixed filter), a press plate (active filter), a filter plate and a filter frame, a beam (flat iron frame), a filter medium (filter cloth or filter paper, etc.), a pressing device, a collection tank, etc., where the filter medium and a collection tank are self-contained by the user and can also be provided by a supplier.
    frame filter has three forms: manual pressing, mechanical pressing and hydraulic pressing.
    Manual pressing is the helix jack push pressure plate pressing, mechanical pressing is the motor with H-type gearbox, by the frame transmission components to push the pressure plate pressing, hydraulic pressing is a hydraulic station by the hydraulic cylinder components on the frame to push the pressure plate pressing.
    Two beams connect the thrust plate and the pressing device to form a rack, the frame press plate and the pressing device connect, in turn between the thrust plate and the press plate alternately arranged filter plate and filter frame, filter plate and filter frame sandwiched between the filter medium;
    Suspension enters the filter chamber from the feed hole on the thrust plate (the filter frame and adjacent filter plate form the filter chamber), the solid particles are intercepted in the filter chamber by the filter medium, and the filter fluid is discharged out of the machine through the medium and discharged by the drain hole.
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