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    How to buy imported dairy products to be more secure?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    milk powder, yogurt, pure milk, butter, cheese..Whether it is imported goods supermarkets or online e-commerce platform, imported dairy sales continue to risespan style"color: #E53333;foreign dairy enterprises are optimistic about the prospects of the Chinese marketin Beijing Chaoyang District East Fourth Ring Road 9 Yansha Otles courtyard cross-port import edifice supermarket, customers are bustlingIn the milk powder product sales area, the family lives in Changping District Huilongguan's Yu Lin is shopping for milk powder"A lot of friends around to the children to eat this milk powder, all said it is good, I also tryYu Lin with a box of a foreign brand of milk powder told reportersis not only milk powder, supermarket yogurt, pure milk, cheese and other imported dairy products are also very popularCross-Hong Kong Trade Center International Trade Co, LtdChairman Assistant Li Wei introduced, cross-Portlink online and offline platform, imported dairy products sales year-on-year growthMoreover, dairy repurchase rate, brand loyalty is high, from Europe, Australia and other places of dairy sales"We are optimistic about the prospects for the Chinese market, which has become an important driver of our continued global growth,"In 2017, Fishland's Messucar brand has global sales of more than 1 billion euros, including nearly 30,000 tons in China, with single brand sales in China to be the number one, and sales in China expected to exceed 30,000 tons in 2018, said Smahan, global chief executive officer of Royal Dutch FishlandShi Mahan believes that the current Chinese average dairy consumption is 1/3 of the world average, China's dairy market has great potential, dairy imports are expected to maintain an increase, Fisland will focus on the Chinese market, will also participate in the first China International Import ExpoAs the world's top five dairy companies, the largest dairy company in the Netherlands, Fishland will strive to provide Chinese consumers with a rich range of dairy products, reliable quality large brand of large platform products are more reliable industry experts believe that imported dairy products in the formulation, taste, technology and other aspects are different To enjoy delicious and safe imported dairy products, domestic consumers need to master a few tips when choosing - try to choose a large brand Foreign dairy industry started relatively early, some brands after decades of development, production processes, product research and development have been relatively perfect, more to ensure safety According to reports, Fishland's own pasture cow daily feed, more than 90% are farm-grown, and sent to a specialized laboratory to do testing to ensure quality; try to choose a large platform With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, people buy imported dairy products more diversified channels Because dairy products have certain requirements for transportation and storage, some channels are not formal dairy products, easy to appear in the transport of deterioration and other issues Whether buying imported dairy products online or offline, try to choose large platforms These platforms can better ensure the quality of the source, but also pay more attention to the professional transportation process, reduce the risk of products in transit related: How do I buy the right dairy products? milk is a kind of natural food with rich nutrientcontent, suitable composition, easy digestion and absorption, high nutritional value, containing a variety of substances conducive to human health, suitable for people of all ages to drink There are many kinds of dairy products on the market, how to buy the right dairy products for you? Li Shengsheng, chief scientist of the national dairy industry technology system the and a professor at The Agricultural University of China, said that China has a full range of dairy products, including pasteurized milk, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk, fermented milk, modulated milk, formula and so on Overall, as long as the formal production of the market, shelf life of the product, quality and safety are no problem, we can rest assured that the choice of consumption from the nutritional value, pasteurized milk sterilization method can not only kill pathogenic bacteria, but also maximize the preservation of biomass activity in raw milk, its production, processing, transportation, sales of the whole process are required to be carried out under the cold chain conditions of 2 to 6 degrees Celsius, the preservation period is generally 2 to 7 days Conveniently, you can choose high temperature sterilized milk, can be stored at room temperature for a long time For lactose intolerances, you can choose products such as yogurt experts suggest that because there is no essential difference between goat's milk and milk in terms of nutritional composition, people who are allergic to milk and have weaker health can choose goat's milk instead In addition, infants under the age of 6 years are promoted for exclusive breastfeeding Infants between 7 and 24 months of age can be appropriately added infant formula milk powder to supplement the lack of breast milk Children over 2 years of age can gradually transition to fresh pasteurized milk, yogurt or UHT sterilized milk food safety is indisputable, therefore, when we buy dairy products, we should pay more attention, because there are many people in this food safety do not pay much attention to, in fact, now, many people get the disease is from eating things dairy industry network to remind consumers to buy dairy products in particular to pay attention to the following three points: First, through the product label identification to identify the types of dairy products purchased, namely, pasteurized milk, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk, fermented milk or modulated milk Secondly, by looking at the ingredients list, confirm whether milk powder (restored milk) is produced with raw milk Third, view the date of production and select dairy products for the shelf life also need to pay attention to, from the milk animal breast squeezed raw milk should not be directly consumed, should be pasteurized process or ultra-high temperature sterilization processing before drinking Although the uh-over milk can be kept at room temperature, but should be eaten as soon as possible after opening, and the uneaten must be sealed and kept refrigerated Our dairy industry network is a place to rest assured that you can buy what you want, here, you can buy in terms of shopping, put ten thousand hearts, because we are a conscience website, will not deceive every consumer Source: People's
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