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    How to buy light incubators and artificial climate boxes

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    light incubators and artificial climate boxes are not very different, mainly to imitate different environmental climate, to raise small animals and culture plantshow should i choose from light incubators and artificial climate boxes?1 Determines that the industry light incubator and artificial climate box user is currently generally used in the following industries: (1) agriculture (2) forestry (3) animal husbandry (4) aquatic (5) Environmental Science (6) Biogenetic Engineering (7) College 2 determines the three important parameters of light incubator and artificial climate box: (1) temperature control range; Control the wet range; (3) light intensity (1) temperature: because the light incubator and artificial climate box will bring a lighting function, so in the temperature of course will be divided into two sections, if the manufacturer simply reports a temperature range to you, then we will be careful to choose, generally open the light case, the temperature range will be narrow than the case of open light, the reason is very simple open light temperature will be higherA common situation is that the light temperature range is: 10 to 50 degrees C, the lightless temperature range is: 4 to 50 degrees C(2) control the wet range: humidity, is the light incubator and artificial climate box , the big difference, the light incubator is not humidity control, generally only control temperature and light, and artificial climate box is with the control of moisture function, so we just ask ourselves whether there is a control of the humidity requirements, you can determine whether to choose the light incubator or artificial climate boxAccording to the sample of the experiment, the common humidity range is 50-90% RH(3) light intensity: light intensity will vary depending on the light pattern and the number of lamps, in simple terms, the large is 0-30000LX, there is a smaller range, when we choose, the main Or according to their own requirements to choose, not the larger the better, according to the requirements of the experiment to choose 3 to determine the lighting incubator and artificial climate box lighting methods are currently mainly three ways: the first partition-type lighting, that is, the light is located in the partition, each layer with light partition can be evenly received lightingThe second type of light, that is, the lighting function is placed on each layer of the doorThe third is the top light, that is, on the top of the box on the lighting function, this kind of lighting incubator is generally not recommended, because each layer of partition will place objects, so will cause the object located in the bottom layer can not be evenly affected by the effect of lightWhen shopping, decide which lighting method to use4 To determine the size of the light incubator and artificial climate box in the selection of box size, usually need to consider two aspects, the first is the position of the laboratory, this, we need to consider the size of the box shape and the relationship between the size of the laboratory, whether the box can enter the laboratory, can be placed in the laboratoryThe second is the experimental sample spending how much space, this, we need to consider is the volume of the box of bile, now the light incubator and artificial climate box as small as 80L, as large as 2000L, and even a few cubic laboratories can be custom-made, so for the size requirements of the words do not worry, can be confirmed according to their own needs
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