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    How to catch the market in 2021? - Let 100 sows earn you back 3

    • Last Update: 2021-02-26
    • Source: Internet
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    In 2020, pig production capacity will accelerate and farming profits will reach a record high.
    despite reports of a significant recovery in the breeding of sows, industry estimates put the actual number of sows at 27 million and a shortage of pigs.
    , raising pigs in 2021 is still very profitable.
    However, feed raw material prices skyrocketed, piglet prices are high, biosecurity input increased, as shown in Figure 1, 2021 purchase piglet breeding risk is very high, self-breeding advantage is obvious.
    , how can we seize the breeding dividend as soon as possible and increase the profits of pasture farming? Figure 1 The purchase of piglets in 2017-2020 compared with the cost of self-breeding column 01 100 sow farms PSY increased by 2 head, profit increased by 320,000 PSY (the number of weaning piglets provided per year per sow) is the most critical indicator of pig farms, reflecting the production efficiency of sows, determine the level of profitability of pig farms.
    with the improvement of breeding level, the level of pig production in China has improved significantly, but there is still a big gap with advanced countries such as Europe and the United States, as shown in Figure 2.
    , the breeding performance of the triple sow was lower than that of the binary sow.
    , improving ranch PSY is a key move to make a profit in 2021.
    forecasts that the price of pigs will be between 20-35 yuan/kg in 2021.
    If according to the pig price of 27 yuan / Kg, fat pig breeding costs 16 yuan / kg, 150 kg out of the column, fattening survival rate of 95% to calculate, when the pasture PSY is 18, 100 sows annual profit of 2.82 million; When the ranch PSY is 20, 100 sows make an annual profit of 3.14 million.
    PSY by 2 head, ranch profit of 320,000 more.
    2 China and Europe and the United States sow breeding performance (PSY) difference 02 the key factors to improve PSY pig farm so what factors affect pasture PSY? How to improve pasture PSY, let's analyze in detail.
    figure 3 shows that, due to the relative stability of pregnancy and lactation days, the most important factors affecting PSY are the number of live births, weaning survival rates and non-production days (NPD).
    the key issues in the pastures, resulting in the lower of these three indicators? How do I resolve these issues? Please read down.
    Figure 3 factors affecting PSY 03 increase the number of live births as shown in Figure 4: genetics, male pigs, seasons, barns, fetals, backstates and stillbirths all affect the performance of sows.
    the following points need special attention: 1. Improve the reproductive performance of binary sows and triple sows; 2. Establish a scientific and stable fetal structure.
    recommended 0-6 sow storage ratios of 22%, 16%, 14%, 13%, 12%, 10% and 7%, respectively (Koketsu, 2007).
    3. Reasonable back management.
    17-19mm is generally recommended for childbirth, and the loss of lactation is recommended to be less than 5mm.
    4. Control oxidative stress.
    oxidative stress to reduce the yield performance, lactation performance and service life of sows.
    oxidative stress can also mediat insulin resistance, affecting the amount of lactation intake; 5. Reduce stress, difficult to produce.
    number of babies born in the nest and the number of birth weights affected the number of stillbirths.
    to strengthen perinatal sow and piglet care, reduce stress, shorten the birth process, control the proper back of sows, improve piglet uniformity and vitality is an important means to reduce stillbirth.
    4 Main factors affecting the performance of sows 04 increase the weaning survival rate of most pastures at 80-90%, while good pastures can achieve about 97%.
    factors that affect weaning survival include weak children, lactation performance and disease.
    specific to the following operations: 1. Strengthen the control of the back.
    , especially the prevention of sow over-fattening, is the key measure to reduce the weak.
    increase the uterine capacity through the necessary nutrients or additives, which can help reduce the weak and improve the vitality and uniformity of piglets.
    reduce oxidative stress can promote fetal development in the uterus and reduce damage to the fetus' immune system.
    2. Improve lactation performance.
    addition to genetics, live number and piglet vitality, breast development and lactation intake are the key to determine lactation performance.
    all measures to increase the amount of lactation is worth trying, especially the need to pay attention to insulin sensitivity to improve the amount of food to help.
    3. Control of disease.
    health of sows and piglets affects the weaning survival rate of piglets.
    reduce postpartal stress and inflammation in sows, and improve the intestinal health of sows can effectively improve weaning survival rate.
    Figure 5 The main factors affecting weaning survival 05 non-production days Non-production days are mainly affected by weaning after the interval, empty-retrial-abortion, and the death and elimination of sows.
    In addition to doing a good job in the elimination of sows, breeding management, emotional identification and B super-checking, the following points need special attention: 1. reduce the loss of lactation period back, back loss will seriously affect the sow weaning after the emotional interval; 2. Reduce stress, stabilize progesterone levels in sows, reduce retrials and miscarriages; 3. Do a good job of biosethics and immunization procedures; 4. Improve sow immunity and intestinal health.
    Figure 6, the main factor affecting the number of days of non-production, builds the mother music™ according to the physiological characteristics of the sow and the pain point problem, Jianming introduced the mother music™style function composite package.
    Jianming mother music™ by regulating sow backs, regulating hormone levels, reducing sow oxidative stress and improving the intestinal health of sows, the following problems are perfectly solved in pastures: core function: improve PSY and weaning heavy problem solving: 1. Eliminate bloating deaths, reduce sow constipation and diarrhea; 2. Improve the number of healthy cubs, reduce stillbirths, improve piglet vitality; 3. Improve piglet immunity and intestinal health, reduce piglet diarrhea and death; 4. Rapid post-parto emotional development, improve the rate of distribution of delivery, reduce the number of non-production days; 5. Improve sow feeding, produce more milk, and improve the quality of milk; 6. Shorten the birth process and reduce postparto inflammation; The author introduces Zhang Zhiming Jianming technical service manager, specializes in feed formulation and enzyme preparation use, has been engaged in pig feed formulation work in Cargy Animal Nutrition in the United States, has rich experience in the analysis, physicophysication and application of dietary fiber, and gets a lot of application effect information from the market.
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