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    How to choose a safe mouthwash?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    No matter which mouthwash is used, as long as it is not swallowed intentionally, it will not bring too much risk

    Mouthwashes sold on the market are generally tested for safety in oral cleaning, so the amount accidentally swallowed while gargling is unlikely to cause health problems

    However, when buying mouthwash, it is best to choose products with child protection package to prevent children from poisoning due to mouthwash

    If the teeth are sensitive or have mouth ulcers, or are concerned about the chemical composition, consider the type of alcohol free

    Most people think of alcohol when choosing a safe mouthwash

    Many mouthwashes contain alcohol called ethanol, so there is a health risk

    Some experts believe that alcohol mouthwash increases the risk of oral and laryngeal cancer

    However, this view has not been confirmed, and many oral health authorities insist that alcohol mouthwash does not increase the risk of cancer

    However, if you are worried about alcohol in the mouthwash, you can choose a non-alcoholic type

    People who are sensitive to the mouth may prefer a non-alcoholic, safe mouthwash

    If teeth and gums are sensitive, burning and other discomfort can result from the use of alcohol

    Similarly, if there is an ulcer in the mouth, this personal care product can also cause discomfort

    While this discomfort is unlikely to last for a long time, choosing a non-alcoholic type may make you feel more comfortable

    If you have children at home, you should also consider the bottle cap when choosing a safe mouthwash

    It is better to have a child specific safety protection package

    It's hard for children to open the cap, which can prevent them from accidentally taking too much mouthwash

    Otherwise, alcohol or other chemicals can cause poisoning

    Safe mouthwashes may also contain artificial fragrances, pigments and chemicals

    If you are worried about harmful ingredients, it is best to choose all natural products.
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