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    How to decorate the small household color scheme 8 big golden law

    • Last Update: 2021-02-20
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    : small household color matching, how can cleverly create a warm and stylish home? Here are eight laws you can't help but wonder!
    , the wall color matching should not exceed three, otherwise it will appear very messy.
    , gold, silver in the bedroom is a 10-size-fits-all color, but also the most commonly used decoration, can be lined with any color, used in any functional space.
    , with color to create the level of the bedroom effect, the general principle is shallow walls, the ground, furniture deep; On the other hand, the walls are deep and the furniture shallow.
    , restaurants try to use warm colors, red, orange can increase appetite.
    , bathroom is best decorated with warm colors, do not use black or dark blue, because the house is small, with these two colors more and more cold feeling.
    , big red, big green do not appear in the same room, so it looks a bit tacky, it seems that the master is very taste-bad.
    7, want to create a simple, bright home taste, small house do not choose those printed with large flowers, such as wallpapers, curtains and so on, try to use solid color design, increase the sense of room space.
    , the color of the ceiling should be lighter than the wall, or the same color as the wall, or not, the people who live in between will not only have the feeling of "heavy and light", a long time, will produce the illusion of breathing difficulties!
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