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    How to distinguish fake red wine with vinegar

    • Last Update: 2019-01-03
    • Source: Internet
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    Introduction: red wine is wine

    It is a drink that people often drink

    It's good for their health

    However, there are many fake and inferior red wines in the market

    How can we distinguish them? Let's take you to know

    The composition of red wine is quite simple

    It is a fruit wine brewed by natural fermentation, with the most grape juice

    Red wine contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, anti-aging, anti-cancer, beauty, sleep benefits

    But fake red wine not only has no health care effect, but also is harmful to human health

    Can you use vinegar to distinguish the true and false of red wine? Let me show you

    Take half spoon of alkali powder and put it into the wine, stir evenly

    After half a minute, if the color changes to blue black or black, it can be preliminarily determined as true wine, and the wine with no change in color is fake wine

    Then, add a spoonful of vinegar to the red wine whose color changes, and the wine that turns blue black when meeting alkali powder will return to the original purplish red color, it can be judged as true wine, otherwise it is still fake wine

    According to the national standard, the principle of color change is that the real wine must be 100% grape juice, and there must be anthocyanins in the grape juice, and the anthocyanins will react with alkali, and the original purple will become purple black and blue black

    Therefore, when the wine changes color with alkali, it is true

    After adding white vinegar, the anthocyanin reacts with acid after reacting with alkali again, which changes back to the original purple, further proving that wine is indeed a real wine with 100% grape juice

    However, there is no grape juice in the mixed fake wine, and the color is just the pigment mixed out, while the pigment and alkali will not react with alkali noodles and vinegar, so there will be no discoloration reaction

    Today's small edition of Baibai safety net introduces how to distinguish fake red wine with vinegar

    If you want to know more about vinegar selection, seasoning and food safety, please continue to pay attention to our website, and hope today's content can help you

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