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    How to distinguish ice cream from ice cream?

    • Last Update: 2021-06-29
    • Source: Internet
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    In life, people often confuse ice cream and ice cream.
    Even if they know the difference, it is difficult to make it clear

    Some people say to look at the packaging: ice cream in the box, ice cream with wooden sticks; some people say to look at the taste, soft ice cream, hard ice cream

    These statements have some truth, but they are not rigorous enough

    In fact, the national standards promulgated in 2014 made a detailed distinction between the two types of cold drinks

    First of all, the fat and protein content of the two are different: the national standard stipulates that the fat content of ice cream is ≥5% and the protein content is ≥2.
    2%; the fat content of ice cream is ≥1%, and the protein content is ≥0.


    Second, look at the sensory characteristics
    One of the sensory characteristics of ice cream mentioned in the national standard is "freezing firm, delicate and smooth", while the requirement for ice cream is not "freezing firm"

    Because ice cream has higher requirements for fat content, such as full milk fat ice cream requires the main part of the milk fat mass fraction to be more than 8%, so the characteristics of smooth mouthfeel will be more prominent


    If you are still confused, you can look at the packaging
    In the production process, the puffing rate of ice cream is relatively high, the hardness is low, and it is very soft.
    Generally, it is packaged in boxes, small bowls or cones

    The ice cream has higher water content, lower puffing rate, and higher hardness, and it usually adheres to the wooden sticks

    In addition, ice cream or ice cream will be marked on the general product packaging bags, and the product implementation standards on the packaging bags are also different.
    The standard "GB/T31114" is for ice cream, and the "GB/T31119" standard is for ice cream


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