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    How to distinguish true vinegar from false vinegar

    • Last Update: 2019-01-03
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    Introduction: vinegar is a seasoning commonly used in our daily life The history of vinegar brewing in China is more than 3000 years at least At present, the market is full of low-quality mixed vinegar How can we identify it? Let's take you to know Vinegar production methods can be divided into brewing vinegar and synthetic vinegar Brewing vinegar is made from grains, sugar and ethanol by microbial fermentation; artificial vinegar is made by mixing edible acetic acid, water, sour agent, seasoning, spice and edible pigment So how to distinguish the real vinegar from the fake vinegar? Let me show you Distinguish the true vinegar and the false vinegar 1 Pay attention to the ingredients in the label when purchasing The ingredients of mixed vinegar include sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate, while the ingredients of brewed vinegar do not contain preservatives, including sorghum, barley, pea, rice bran, etc Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate are both legal additives and can be used in a certain range However, it is generally believed that the safety of potassium sorbate is higher than that of sodium benzoate At the same time, its cost is higher than that of sodium benzoate Therefore, there are less blended vinegar with potassium sorbate as additive on the market In the future, such products may gradually become a trend When choosing blended vinegar, consumers can try to choose products containing potassium sorbate in the ingredients 2 shake the vinegar bottle to see the bubble Vinegar with good quality will float on top of a small bubble and last long time And the bad vinegar will have a big bubble, and will soon disappear 3 Due to the excellent production process and long brewing cycle, brewing vinegar has higher cost and higher product price In the supermarket, the price of a 500ml bottle of brewed vinegar is about 2-3 times that of the mixed vinegar 4 On the taste, the mature fermented vinegar has a longer aftertaste, the mixed vinegar has a sharper taste and a pungent sour taste Today's small edition of Baibai safety net gives a brief introduction to how to distinguish the real vinegar from the fake vinegar If you want to know more about vinegar selection, seasoning and food safety, please continue to pay attention to our website I hope today's content can help you Editor in charge: sun Dianwei
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