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    How to eat scientifically for peptic ulcer patients

    • Last Update: 2022-09-02
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    Our reporter Wu Xueqin correspondent Huang Fangming

    Peptic ulcer mainly refers to chronic ulcers that occur in the stomach and duodenum, and is a frequently-occurring and common disease

    Huang Yisen said that patients should maintain an optimistic mood, live a regular life, avoid staying up late, excessive tension, anxiety, fatigue, choose appropriate exercise methods, and improve body resistance

    In terms of diet, Huang Yisen said that you should choose a soft and light diet, mainly semi-liquid, such as porridge, noodles, rice paste, enteral nutrition powder, etc.

    Huang Yisen especially emphasized that patients with peptic ulcer should pay attention to the following items: do not eat spicy, sour, cold, hard, and pickled foods, such as pickles, dried sweet potatoes, large pieces of hard and chewy meat, pineapple, pepper, mustard , chili oil, etc.

    Huang Yisen said that the treatment of Helicobacter pylori eradication is the key.

    According to Huang Yisen, if there is paleness, dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, chest tightness, cold sweats, and changes in stool color (such as black stool, bloody stool, etc.

    Huang Yisen, Master of Medicine, Deputy Chief Physician, Deputy Director of the Department of Gastroenterology of the First Hospital of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, Director of the Internal Medicine Base of Standardized Training for Residents of the First Hospital of Quanzhou City, Member of the First Committee of the Gastroenterology Branch of the Fujian Medical Doctor Association , Youth member of the 7th Committee of the Gastroenterology Branch of the Fujian Medical Association, executive director of the 5th Council of the Quanzhou Internal Medicine Association, and member of the Gastroenterology Branch of the Quanzhou Medical Association


    "China Food News" (03 edition on January 19, 2022)

    (Editor-in-charge: Han Songyan)




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