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    How to judge the epoxy resin wear-resistant floor paint construction is good or bad

    • Last Update: 2021-01-17
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    China Paint Online News Information:
    criteria for judging the construction of epoxy floor paint. Factory epoxy flooring construction will have a great impact on the use of late, the construction of epoxy flooring we have to do in strict accordance with the construction requirements, so that the construction of the factory floor can have better quality, in order to better development. The development of industry for the communist operating environment is also increasingly demanding, such requirements for the factory floor is a boost. Under such environmental requirements, the emergence of epoxy floor paint solves the difficulties faced by the factory floor. The construction of Nanjing epoxy flooring has also become our focus of attention, how to judge the quality of epoxy flooring construction? The following countries Wuxi epoxy floor to give you a few tricks.
    first, floor paint paint viscosity detection paint viscosity is divided into relative viscosity, motion viscosity and absolute viscosity. During the coating process, the viscosity of the coating measured by the coating-4 viscosity meter is commonly used in the production site, i.e. the relative viscosity. In addition to the commonly used coat-4 viscosity meters, viscosity detection also includes the detection of high viscosity coating-1 viscosity meters, drop ball viscosity meters and the application of less rotating viscosity meters.
    Second, epoxy floor paint paint fineness of the detection of color paint, filler particles in the weight of the size, as well as the degree of uniform dispersion in production, the appearance of the coating film smooth, gloss, etc. have a greater impact. To this end, it is necessary to test the quality index of coating fineness, so that it conforms to the quality standards of paint. Common scraper fineness meters detect the fineness of coatings.
    KETCH308 water-based high-performance flooring paint due to comparable to the performance of oily paint, dust, moisture, wear resistance, good impact resistance, good hardness, and smooth surface flat, bright, half-light, sub-light Light and a variety of colors to choose from, in addition to non-slip ground, matte or high-gloss ground, due to water as a thinner, fresh, non-toxic, non-odor, so that in the air does not circulate in the parking lot, people will not feel uncomfortable. Water-based high-performance floor paint is the inevitable choice of parking decoration materials!
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