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    How to understand the life of the filter through leak detection

    • Last Update: 2017-09-08
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    How to know the service life of the filter through leak detection? - author Huang Tianying I

    the service life of the filter


    Regularly monitor the air cleanliness of the clean workshop according to the monitoring procedures formulated by the company

    If there is any abnormal situation, replace the filter if it is considered as a problem, such as the air supply volume drops by 70%, leakage, etc 2

    Verify regularly according to the verification requirements of air conditioning purification system, and replace according to the requirements in case of any abnormal condition; 3

    Analyze the cause Zui in case of any abnormal condition in the normal production process, such as unqualified differential pressure and air supply volume not felt, and then replace it when it is determined that it is a filter problem; 4

    The replacement cycle specified in the company's documents: Generally, factors such as the size of production and dust production should be taken into consideration, which should not be stipulated blindly or followed by others


    The dust particle counter method is used for the test of filter leakage: generally, a small sampling instrument such as 2.83l/min is used, and the limit specified by the dust particle count method is taken as the judgment standard, or obvious particle number change is found

    Operation method: the sampling port is 23cm away from the filter, and the moving speed is 520mm / s

    DOP or Pao method using instruments: smoke generator, leak detector

    Methods: the distance between the sampling head of the receiver and the filter was about 2cm, and the inspection speed was within 2 ~ 3cm / s

    Standard: the leakage rate shall be less than 99.99%

    Filter leakage detection 1

    Purpose: to detect the leakage of the filter, find out the defects of the filter and its installation, so as to take remedial measures in time


    Scope: applicable to filter leakage detection in clean area


    Responsible person: quality department, production department


    Procedure: 4-1 test method: dust particle count scanning inspection method

    4-2 Test range: filter material of filter, sealing of filter frame and connection between filter group support frame, connection between support frame and fixed wall

    4-3 test instrument: dust particle counter

    4-4 Detection principle: according to the principle of light flux which is proportional to the particle size scattered by floating particles under a certain intensity of light, the scattered light of particles is converted into electrical signal through photoelectric conversion, and the equivalent diameter of particles and the number of corresponding particles are displayed after amplification and computer processing

    4-5 detection procedure: 4-5-l scanning filter with dust particle counter sampling head At the outlet side of the filter, the sampling head is about 2cm away from the filter

    The scanning speed is less than 5cm / s

    4-5-2 when the detection period is 10min, the particle number of 0.5um is more than 20, indicating that the leakage is over standard and needs to be repaired or replaced

    4-5-3 use epoxy resin glue to block leakage or fasten bolts, and then carry out scanning inspection

    4-6 inspection cycle: in normal use, the new filter should be inspected once a year

    Check the pressure difference at the two ends of the filter once a year

    When the pressure difference reaches three times of the initial resistance value, it should be replaced; the air flow speed drops to Zui low limit, even if it is replaced If the secondary efficiency filter still cannot be increased, it shall be replaced; if the air volume of air filter is 70% of the original air volume, it shall be replaced; if the air filter has leakage that cannot be repaired, it shall be replaced

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