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    How to maintain the Guerre valve on a daily basis

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    The gaervalve1, before installation, must carefully check the pressure of the valve logo, pass whether the diameter meets the requirements of use, eliminate the defects caused by the transport process, and eliminate the dirt of the valve parts2, installation, the valve can be connected directly on the lineIn general, can be installed in any position of the line, but need to facilitate the operation of the maintenance, note that the cut-off valve media flow should be under the flap to the upper flow, lifting check valve can only be installed horizontally3, ball valve, cut-off valve, gate valve use, only for full opening or full closure, not allowed to do adjust flow, so as to avoid sealing surface erosion, accelerated wearThere is an inverted seal inge in the gate valve and the upper thread cut-off valve, and the handwheel rotation position is tightened to prevent the media from leaking from the filler4, ball valve, cut-off valve, gate valve open, off when the use of handwheels, do not use levers or other tools, so as not to damage the valve partsThe handwheel rotates clockwise to close, and vice versa to openThe bolts of the filler cap should be tightened evenly and should not be pressed into a crooked state to prevent bumps from impeding stem movement or causing leakage5, valve in the use of the process, should always keep clean, transmission thread must be regularly lubricated, found fault, should immediately stop using, to find the cause to clear the fault6, long-term storage of valves, should be regularly checked, exposed processing surfaces should be kept clean, remove dirt, storage ball valve both ends blocked and in an open state, gate valve, cut-off valve, check valve, the ends of the channel should be blocked and closed, neatly stored in the indoor ventilation dry place, is strictly prohibited stacking or open storage
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