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    How to make ice-sugar wine

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    There are a lot of people who like to drink wine and make their own wine at homeToday, the small editor will teach everyone how to make ice-sugar winethe practice of making home-brewed wine:1, wash the grapes, dry the water, wash the bottles and dry ;2, spread the grapes at the bottom of the bottle, when laying, put on gloves, gently squeeze the grape pulp from the grape stalks;3, spread a layer of iced sugar or sugar on the grapes, one layer until 5-10 meters away from the bottle The liquid of the bottle mouth also with the increase of gas also gradually increased;5, a week or so, the color of the grape skin will slowly turn red, the air in the home also filled with the lure of the fragrance of wine, as if sprinkled with a glass of wine, I will ferment the bottle on the kitchen window sill, there is the most fragrant ; 7, fermentation time is also their own grasp, in the fermentation period, daily timeobservation, found that the temperature rise, there are a large number of carbon dioxide bubbles produced, the skin slag floating, the formation of a wine cap, at this time to stir once a day, the wine cap pressure, after the fermentation gradually weakened, fermentation liquid temperature gradually dropped to room temperatureThe CO2 bubble decreases close to calm, the wine cap sinks and the juice begins to clearThis period has a short high temperature and a long period of low temperature--- time to this as the standard8, disinfect the gauze dry, stack 2 layers, spread over the mouth of the brown bottlePour the fermented grape juice into9, seal for about 30 days, and seal the seal with hose guide fillingI made several large bottles of wine, the time is long and short, so the colors are differentFriends and family say they like itmake wine a few points must pay attention to:1, grapes as far as possible to choose fresh, sweet and large 2, when cleaning attention, do not need to soak with salt water, do not use force to wipe, grape skin on the white fermentation enzyme sasse not to wash away 3, be sure to pave the grapes to dry, and then pickled 4, I have done with iced sugar and white sugar, iced sugar made wine taste is not as sweet as white sugar, color is not much different, and iced sugar is not easy to melt 5, try to use ceramic or glass containers to contain fermentation and filtered grape liquor, better scrub sand mouth, no water and no oil 6, when the grape skin and grape liquor separate, I choose gauze, the wine bottle disinfection when I use the hose, gauze and hose to boil with boiling water or dry before use 7, the grape skin filter, when using chopsticks, try to use waterless and oilless wooden chopsticks 8, conditional, the brewed wine in a sealed bottle, high-temperature disinfection can be preserved for a longer period of time
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