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    Home > How to promote the increase of skin collagen?

    How to promote the increase of skin collagen?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
    • Source: Internet
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    If we can increase the collagen content of skin, we can see that the skin condition has been significantly improved, the wrinkles will become less obvious, and the fine lines can actually disappear completely

    So what is the best and safest collagen stimulant? You may want to have an affordable, value for money product

    Even if price is not a problem, no one is willing to spend money on useless things

    According to some consumers' comments, many women tried almost all the products, but the results were very little

    My goal is to help you understand what to look for and what ingredients to avoid

    Some clinical studies have proved that some compounds can promote the increase of skin collagen

    First of all, please allow me to give you a list of ingredients that should be avoided, because they are ineffective and can easily lead to adverse reactions

    Many people think that the best stimulant is collagen itself

    Cosmetics companies promote this concept

    But it's a misconception that collagen products don't stimulate the skin to produce fibers

    Estrogen is often used as a collagen promoter

    On the label, it's called estradiol, but animal placenta and amniotic fluid also contain hormones

    You will often see this in cosmetics on the market

    Women with a family history of breast or uterine cancer should not use an estrogen containing cream

    Any skin care product that contains oestrogen can pose a risk to these people

    At the same time, estrogen can also cause new health problems for men, and it will not promote the increase of collagen

    Collagen fibers are formed in collagen molecules and secreted by specialized cells

    In fact, you need something to stimulate the production of new cells as well as collagen

    Substances that have been shown to increase skin collagen include zinc, copper, hyaluronic acid and avocado oil

    In addition to increasing collagen, free radicals should also be prevented from damaging the skin, which can improve the appearance of aging

    Tissue inflammation can also damage existing collagen fibers

    Therefore, natural anti-inflammatory drugs are very important

    Hyaluronic acid levels decrease with age

    Supplements are not good

    The complex will degenerate due to the activity of enzymes and cause inflammation

    Extracts from Undaria pinnatifida from Japan have been shown to inhibit enzyme activity and promote hyaluronic acid level regeneration.
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