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    How to reduce CPA contamination in air-dried fermented sausages?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Air-dried fermented sausages are popular with consumersThe environmental conditions during maturity are conducive to the production of toxic molds on its surfaceThese molds contribute to the development of the sensory properties of fermented sausages; however, some of them may produce mycotoxins, such as cyclopiazonicic, CPACPA is mainly produced by penicillium commune sorghum and grey-yellow euvicum, which is found in dry cured meatproductsTherefore, strategies to prevent CPA contamination in air-dried fermented sausages need to be studied, Delgado, of the Institute of Food Hygiene and Safety, Meat and Meat Products, Institute of Veterinary Medicine, University of Extremadura, Spain, measured P.griseofulvum's ability to produce CPA during the ripening of air-dried fermented sausages, and produced penicillium-based antifungal proteins for the production of penicillium chrysogengen Debaryomys hansenii and Pediococcus aciditici evaluated the inhibition of P.griseofulvum's CPA production capacity on a medium based on air-dried fermented sausagesresults show that only P.chrysogenum inhibits the production of CPATherefore, the mold and P.griseofulvum are inoculated in the sausage, and the sausage is ripeat at low temperatureThe results showed that when the CPA content of the control group's sausage reached about 800 ng/g, the CPA content in the experimental group decreased to 20 ng/g due to the presence of P.chrysogenumThe results of these studies help to improve the safety of the consumption of air-dried fermented sausages and reduce the risk of sausage contamination by the CPASource: Meat Research
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