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    How to use vinegar essence to disinfect

    • Last Update: 2019-01-04
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    Introduction: vinegar is not only edible, but also has the function of sterilization and disinfection So how to use vinegar essence hook to disinfect? Let's take you to know Synthetic vinegar, commonly known as vinegar essence, is mainly composed of acetic acid, diluted with edible glacial acetic acid So how to use vinegar essence hook to disinfect? Let me show you The method of vinegar essence disinfection is that vinegar essence has strong sour taste because it contains high concentration of acetic acid It should be diluted when using Generally, the content of acetic acid should not exceed 3-4% Before disinfection, close the windows and doors to prevent the vinegar from spreading out The most commonly used is to use enamel or small pot Each cubic meter of space is about 5-10ml of vinegar, then add 1-2 times of water, and then start to boil and distribute to every corner of the room You can also use the following methods: 1 Electric rice pot method (1) pour vinegar into the electric rice pot, and then move the electric rice pot to the room to be disinfected; (2) plug in the power supply, boil the vinegar in the pot, it will send to the air in the room, and it can play a role in disinfection; (3) it should be noted that the pot cannot be dried, and watch the heated electric rice pot 2 Sprinkling method (1) this method is suitable for tile floor, not for floor, carpet, etc the specific method is to boil the vinegar, spray some on the ground properly, which can play a certain role in disinfection Precautions for using vinegar essence for disinfection: 1 Do not open the window immediately after using vinegar for disinfection; 2 Try to keep the taste of vinegar in the room for a period of time, and thoroughly disinfect it; 3 People can go to other rooms first, wait for a period of time, and then open the door to disperse the taste; 4 Pay attention to open the window without catching cold Today's small edition of Baibai safety net gives a brief introduction to how to use vinegar to sterilize If you want to know more about vinegar selection, seasoning and food safety, please continue to pay attention to our website, and hope that today's content can help you Editor in charge: sun Dianwei
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