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    HPMC acid-resistant vegetable capsules-ideal carrier for acid-base sensitive API

    • Last Update: 2021-12-01
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    Capsules are one of the main dosage forms in the world.
    Compared with other oral drug dosage forms, capsules can effectively mask the unpleasant smell of medicines, improve the stability of pharmaceutical ingredients, and
    reduce costs
    With the transformation of people's life philosophy and the penetration of pure natural concepts, people are more inclined to green and healthy plant capsules, and the market for plant capsules is also expanding year by year

    The vegetable capsule to be introduced in this article is the acid-resistant hypromellose hollow capsule, HPMC acid-resistant vegetable capsule for short.
    The supplier is Taiwan Dafeng Capsule, the brand name is BioVXR®, and the DMF number is 30931


    Since some special drugs are particularly sensitive to acidic environment, they tend to cause damage to the gastric mucosa when released, while ordinary capsules have relatively poor protective effect on acidic environments.
    Therefore, hollow capsules with anti-acid properties are needed to protect the stomach

    In addition, acid-resistant capsules are often used to prepare enteric-coated capsule products due to their non-dissolving properties in the stomach


    HPMC acid-resistant vegetable capsules are an upgraded version of ordinary vegetable capsules.
    It has the dual advantages of hollow vegetable capsules and enteric-coated hollow capsules.
    It avoids the risk of taking animal protein, ensures the green safety of the capsule, and is more effective.
    Ensure that the active ingredients of the drug are not affected by gastric acid and reduce gastric irritation to consumers with sensitive stomachs


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