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    Hubei to start reform, the main person in charge of the disease control agency will also serve as a member of the health department team

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    On June 10, the 7th plenary meeting of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Wuhan, where it discussed the Opinions of the Hubei Provincial People's Government of the CPC on Promoting the Reform of the Disease Prevention and Control System and the Public Health System, and decided to take the lead in domestic exploration, plan the reform of the medical and health system as a whole, systematically reshape the public health system, and improve the institutional mechanism for the prevention and control of major outbreaksHubei Provincial Party Secretary Should Yong attended the meeting and spoke, he pointed out that the epidemic prevention and control, reflecting the province's disease control system network is not perfect, the function is not clear, medical prevention and separation and other issuesWe should deploy and reform the disease control system in accordance with the Cpc Central CommitteeRationalize the institutional mechanism, clarify the functional positioning, and enhance the professional abilityStrengthen the administrative functions of disease control institutions, implement supervision and supervision responsibilities, and the main person in charge of disease control agencies is also a member of the same level of health care departmentsExplore the promotion of "one-class security two-class management", refine the implementation of "two permits", allow disease control institutions to break through the current level of wage regulation and control of institutions, allow the completion of the approved tasks on the basis of the provision of medical and health technical services, and further stimulate the endogenous power of disease control institutionsStrengthen the construction of disease control personnelThe CDC should strengthen the function of monitoring and early warning, and effectively strengthen the hardware facilities and capacity-building for the detection of infectious diseasesWe should make the coordination of medical prevention a top priorityThe "Public Health Master" system was piloted in the health sectorTo formulate a list of public health responsibilities, improve public health service projects, and innovate the mechanism of mutual control of personnel, information, resources and supervision, and innovate the mechanism of coordination between disease control institutions and medical institutionsIt is imperative to strengthen early monitoring and early warning capabilitiesThe premise of epidemic surveillance and early warning is that the information sources of the epidemic are clear and the data are open and shared, the surveillance system of infectious disease outbreaks and public health emergencies should be improved, and the mechanism of multi-point triggering of intelligent early warning should be established, so as to achieve early detection, early reporting and early disposal.
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