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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > HuiTron Medical completed the A round of financing, scientific and technological innovation achievements in brain function disease precision diagnosis and treatment of new breakthroughs.

    HuiTron Medical completed the A round of financing, scientific and technological innovation achievements in brain function disease precision diagnosis and treatment of new breakthroughs.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-25
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    Introduction: Y brain functional medical device segment leadership has been verified, HuiTron medical successful financing.
    , Danyang Huitron Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (:HuiTron Medical) announced the completion of round A tens of millions of yuan of financing, this round of financing by Qingyuan investment lead investment.
    Healthcare is a key investment area of Qingyuan investment, Qingyuan invested in the end of 2018 Huitron Medical Pre-A round, in the past year and a half, HuiTron Medical with its innovative spirit and executive team, further solidified its core products in the brain function medical device segmentation field leader, but also won the continued bullish and full support of Qingyuan investment.
    round of financing will be mainly used for research and development inputs, market development and liquidity replenishment.
    , cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorders in children, epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson's disease, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, mental illness and other brain function diseases in China reached nearly 100 million people, and the incidence rate increased year by year.
    For a long time, these patients' assessment of brain function in natural scenarios lacked an effective quantitative technique, such as the recovery of the functional cortique in the stroke area, the need to observe brain activity during various active or passive movements of the patient's limbs, and the assessment of mental state and cognitive function, which required the patient to perform various cognitive or behavioral tasks such as computation, memory, exercise, etc.
    However, functional nuclear magnetism is usually suitable for the examination of brain function in a stationary state, and EPR is also faced with the limitations of large motion artifacts and low spatial positioning ability, which makes the recovery of brain function depend on the subjective reading and experience of doctors, and its quantitative and accuracy is limited.
    Near-infrared brain imaging, as a new generation of brain function quantitative imaging technology, compared with functional nuclear magnetic and other technologies, has the advantage of more flexible application scenarios, can be in the patient's movement, speech, treatment and other states to complete high-resolution brain function quantitative examination and evaluation, for the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases provides unprecedented technical means.
    Wang Yufa, Associate Professor, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chief Scientist, Founder and Chairman of Huitron Medical.
    Dr. Wang to be developed near-infrared brain imaging research for more than ten years, presided over including the national major scientific instrument research and development projects, national key research and development plans, the National Natural Science Foundation and other national projects, by Jiangsu double-creation talent, Zhenjiang Jinshan talent, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics young top talent, Tsinghua University outstanding doctoral thesis first prize, Tsinghua University outstanding undergraduate thesis and other honors.
    led the development of high-performance near-infrared brain imaging products, the core indicators of the world's leading, is the world's first approved NMPA medical device registration certification of ultra-100-channel near-infrared brain imaging products (NirScan), making full-brain imaging possible.
    Haifeng, general manager and partner of Qingyuan Investment, said: Brain science research and development, diagnosis and treatment of brain function diseases are the world's hot spots in the next decade, is expected to correspond to a trillion-dollar level of the huge market.
    near-infrared brain imaging effectively solves the pain point of direct observation of brain function activity during the diagnosis and treatment of brain function diseases.
    Huitron Medical focuses on near-infrared brain imaging and evaluation research work, has the industry's top scientific research team, has become a leader in the field of near-infrared brain imaging, including the national key research and development program, including a number of national projects, its products have been more than 60 authoritative three-A hospitals and scientific research units demonstration applications.
    In addition to high-end clinical examination and evaluation equipment, HuiTron products as a high-end brain functional imaging research platform, has supported user units published more than 20 SCI papers, its high-end quality has been widely recognized by foreign experts.
    HuiTron Medical's team is very excellent, over the years focused on the development and application of brain-functioning medical equipment, at the same time has a strong executive power, Qingyuan investment in a year and a half twice increased capital HuiTron Medical, we are very optimistic and firmly support huiTron Medical development.
    Qingyuan Investment is also very pleased to be able to work with HuiTron Medical for a long time to promote the development of precision diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, for the benefit of the vast number of patients with brain diseases.
    Qingyuan Investment Qingyuan Investment Core Team has deep Tsinghua University roots, since 1999 began to focus on science and technology, early-stage project investment, is China's early establishment and good at science and technology, early-stage project investment professional management team.
    currently manages more than Rmb7bn in funds.
    team has invested in more than 200 companies in the fields of broad IT, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and clean technology.
    22 companies have successfully listed and exited more than 100 projects.
    Qingyuan investment in 2010-2017 for eight consecutive years in Qingke "China's top 50 local venture capital institutions", including 2016 and 2017 in the "China Venture Capital Institutions 100" ranked 33rd and 30th, respectively.
    Qingyuan Investment won the 37th place in 2019 for "China's Best Chinese Venture Capital Institution TOP50" and the 66th place for "China's Best Venture Capital Institution TOP100".
    Qingyuan investment is committed to become "the successful development of entrepreneurs on the ladder, the cradle of listed companies."
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