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    Hypertension: Uric acid, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

    • Last Update: 2021-01-18
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    Serum uric acid has been explicitly associated with hypertension and cardiovascular disease, but it is not clear whether there is a causal relationship between hypertension and cardiovascular disease.
    To clarify the problem, researchers used data from the British Biolibrary, the Millionaire Project and the Genome Association Research Consortium to conduct a randomized analysis of Mendel and a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials in a recent study published in hypertension, an authoritative journal of cardiovascular disease.
    the main randomized analysis of Mendel showed that every SD increase in serum uric acid predicted by the gene increased coronary heart disease (ratio ratio of 1.19 (95% CI is 1.10-1.30) ;P×10-5), and exosorcical artery disease (1.11). 2 risk of stroke (1.11×% CI is 1.05-1.18) and stroke (95% CI is 1.05-1.18) ;P ;P×10-4).
    mendel randomized mediated analysis, it was estimated that elevated blood pressure could mediate the effects of uric acid on cardiovascular disease risk by about one-third.
    evaluation and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials showed that ureatic acid therapy in patients with cardiovascular disease had a systolic blood pressure reduction (average difference of -2.55 mmHg (95% CI is -4.06 to -1.05) ;P×10-3) and major adverse cardiovascular events (ratio of 0.40). (95% CI is 0.22-0.73) ;P×10-3) has a protective effect, but there is no significant effect on the major cardiovascular adverse events in all individuals (the ratio ratio is 0.67 (95% CI is 0.44-1.03) ;P is 0.07).
    , these Mendel randomized and clinical trial data support higher levels of serum uric acid with the effect of higher blood pressure, which may mediate the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    high-quality trials are required to provide definitive evidence of the cardiovascular benefit of reducing uric acid.
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