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    "I regret it, take health for a career!" Hangzhou 28-year-old woman found the laziest cancer, and finally dragged into cancer metastasis ...

    • Last Update: 2020-09-04
    • Source: Internet
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    Guide: Lazy cancer is a mistake! Ms. Kong, 28, and Ms. Li, 41, both of Hangzhou, detected what was considered "the laziest cancer" during a medical examination because they did not pay attention to the metastasis of cancer cells. Doctors reminded that the incidence of this cancer increased year by year in the incidence of malignant tumors in women for several years in the first confirmed thyroid cancer, two years later dragged into cancer metastasis, she regretted taking health for the cause of 28-year-old Ms. Kong engaged in financial work, fast-paced work, often overtime, Saturday and Sunday she also basically spent in the unit.
    2018, Ms. Kong was found to have thyroid nods during a unit check-up, which was 0.4 x 0.4cm in size, and the report indicated that thyroid cancer was considered and recommended for review.
    to get the medical report, Ms. Kong's company happens to have a very important project to be on, the person in charge is her, and she has also seen in the news reports that "thyroid cancer is lazy cancer, smaller nods can continue to follow."
    , Ms. Kong wanted to wait for the project to be completed before doing a review.
    the delay was two years, during which Ms. Kong missed a medical check-up in 2019 because she was busy at work.
    Wait until Ms. Kong's project is almost over, she thought about doing this year's physical examination, the results of the medical examination report showed that: thyroid cancer increased to 1.0cm, while the neck has multiple lymph nodes swollen, poor shape, consider cancer metastasis.
    Kong, who had received the inspection report, became so anxious that she began to regret why she didn't pay attention at the time and swap her health for a career.
    Kong took the report and found Wu Chengliang, director of breast surgery at Litongde Hospital in Zhejiang Province, who, after analyzing her condition, advised her to operate immediately. Ms.
    Kong immediately went through the hospital procedures, after preoperative assessment, neck CT examination and other preparations, Wu Chengliang director team to her thyroid cancer treatment, that is, thyroid full cut and double-sided central area lymph node cleaning surgery, the operation is very smooth, after the operation recovered well, discharged on time.
    postoperative pathological results showed that Ms. Kong was suffering from thyroid-like papyroid cancer and multiple metastasis of lymph nodes in the central region.
    although the incidence of thyroid cancer is slow, but must not be taken lightly in recent years, the incidence of thyroid cancer is on the rise, and the trend of youth is obvious, many hospital visits to thyroid cancer patients are "post-80" and "post-90".
    , thyroid cancer is divided into papicular cancer, fig cancer, myelin cancer and undifferentiated cancer.
    Among them, papyroid and filter cancer are jointly called differentiated thyroid cancer, the highest incidence rate, accounting for more than 90% of all thyroid cancer pathological types, the best prognosis, early patient surgery cure rate is high, so there is "lazy cancer", "moderate cancer" said.
    many people think that thyroid cancer is "lazy cancer", do not care, or even feel "ignore it."
    it's a mistake to ignore lazy cancer.
    the incidence of thyroid cancer is relatively slow, there are early, medium and late stages.
    many patients are delaying the best treatment.
    find thyroid nodding, do you want surgery? How can thyroid nodding be detected? In addition to thyroid ultrasound, self-examination is also important.
    Doctors teach everyone to "look at a touch" - "look": look in the mirror, carefully observe whether the neck becomes thick, "touch": the finger back buckled in the thyroid gland, with the thumb carefully touch, swallow a mouthful of water, if at this time to touch the up and down activity of the lump, should be timely to the hospital.
    thyroid nods are found, what should be said? Do all thyroid nods require surgical treatment? Under what circumstances do I need surgery? Doctors point out that not all nods have to be operated on.
    The following conditions need to be considered for surgery - 1. Thyroid nods are particularly large, compressing surrounding tissues and organs, such as compressing the trachea, esophary, throat reneer nerves, causing breathing difficulties, difficulty swallowing, hoarse voice, this symptom requires timely surgical treatment.
    2. Thyroid nodding combines the symptoms of metformine, the effect of internal medicine is not good, can not withstand medication or repeated recurrence, need surgery.
    3. Color super-examination suspects that thyroid nods have a malignant tendency, as well as a tendency for malignant changes, suspected cancer or suspected cancer, also require surgical treatment.
    . Thyroid nods grow relatively large, grow to the chest cavity, thyroid swelling after the thoracic bone, this nod is generally easy to cause breathing difficulties, but also need timely surgical treatment.
    thyroid nods affect the patient's work and life, and the patient's mental burden is heavy, which may also be considered for surgical treatment.
    stressed that if the color super examination found thyroid nodding, you need to go to the regular hospital thyroid surgery or head and neck surgery, by professional doctors to assess the good and malignancy of nods.
    to follow the doctor's advice, whether to regularly observe the review or surgical treatment, according to the doctor's health guidance.
    must not be left unconcerned or given up treatment for fear, which would only delay treatment, damage health and cause irreparable damage to oneself and the family.
    No matter what type of thyroid cancer, we must do early detection, early diagnosis, only based on timely treatment, standardized treatment, thyroid cancer can achieve better prognosis results.
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