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    IBD: Poor fungal microorganisms can aggravate the symptoms of bagitis after the tube fits

    • Last Update: 2020-12-14
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    BACKGROUND Although it has been confirmed that there is an interaction between the intestinal bacterus and bagitis after ulcerative colitis (UC) refract tube matching (IPAA), there is still no evidence of symblomic bacteri group abnormalities that can be confirmed in the cause of bagitis.
    , this study aims to investigate the role of fungal microbial imbalances in the pathogenesis of bagitis.
    method researchers collected stool samples from UC patients who had or did not have bagitis after IPAA.
    also in the IPAA rat model, feeding 5% sodium glucosulphate for 5 consecutive days induced the occurrence of experimental bagitis.
    malnutrition caused by the use of 0.5% fluconazole (Flu).
    using internal transcription interval sequencing to analyze fecal fungal composition, the severity of bag inflammation and resuscing CARD9 and NF-B signals were determined by different experimental methods.
    results showed that the α (α) diversity of fungal population was lower and the yeast genus was more abundant than in normal storage bags.
    In the mouse model of bagitis, antifive fungal drug therapy can reduce the burden of fungi, but can cause fungal malnutrition, characterized by α increased diversity, reduced relative abundance of Kazachstania bacteria, and increased levels of polybacteria and yeast.
    addition, the treatment of fluoroconazole increased mortality, weight loss, improved histological scores and CD4 plus cell immersion, indicating a significant deterioration of sodium sulfate sulphate storage bagitis.
    in the fluorconazole and labinin treatment groups, interferon-γ, tumor necrotizing factors -α, CARD9, and phosphate-based nucleo factor pyrethroids were significantly reduced.
    concluded that the fungal composition of patients with bagitis would change significantly.
    poor composition or under-identification of fungal microorganisms in the host may exacerbate experimental bag-storage inflammation.
    strategies for symbiotic cysts may offer therapeutic potential for cystitis, especially in patients with refractic antibiotics.
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