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    Identification of genetically modified products in Beijing market for the first time

    • Last Update: 2008-11-03
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    Introduction: new page 1 Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing, July 21 (Zhang Xiaomei, Zhang Dongcao) today, careful consumers can find out in supermarkets such as Beijing chaoshifa Madian store that the soybean salad oil of flamingo, green treasure and other brands here are pasted with a small logo: "the raw material is genetically modified soybean" "Although the logo is small, it shows respect for consumers." Wu Jianfan, director of Beijing Municipal Office of agricultural genetically modified organisms, said that at present, 10 products have applied for genetically modified marks and have been labeled at the time of sale for consumers to choose CKX management measures for agricultural genetically modified organisms identification was officially implemented on March 20, 2002 Since then, all GM products included in the regulatory catalogue should be clearly identified Although the genetically modified food in the market of our country is common, but for more than a year, people have not found a product with genetically modified logo From today on, the genetically modified food in Beijing market must be identified to the public, which is the first time in China Relevant experts said that the genetically modified mark is not a mark to distinguish the health of products The mark is mainly to respect consumers' right to know and right to choose CKX today, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture organized law enforcement teams to conduct special inspections on genetically modified products in supermarkets and two oil companies "Labeling management measures" stipulates that soybean oil containing genetically modified ingredients shall be marked "processing raw materials are genetically modified soybeans" However, it was found that there was a widespread phenomenon of nonstandard labeling, for example, some products were labeled as "this product is made of genetically modified soybeans, but this product no longer contains genetically modified ingredients" "This is a violation." Law enforcement officials said CKX law enforcement officers found that only the Jixiang grain and oil wholesale market in Chaoyang District, Beijing, which sold HuiFu brand soybean salad oil separately, had not yet been marked In addition, transgenic components were detected in the first sampling of 93 brand soybean meal, and 6 samples were sampled in the second batch by the Agricultural Bureau, but no transgenic components were detected CKX learned that since the middle of March this year, Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture has carried out many times of genetically modified propaganda and law enforcement actions On July 3, a number of enterprises without legal identification of genetically modified products were exposed Of the five enterprises announced on July 3, four have applied and pasted the genetically modified mark In addition, a number of enterprises that were not randomly inspected in the last law enforcement action also actively applied for genetically modified labeling In some places, CKX enterprises have applied to government departments for genetically modified marks, but they do not mark them when selling products This phenomenon has been curbed in Beijing, and the performance of enterprises is relatively positive According to the statistics of Beijing food group, more than 400000 genetically modified marks have been pasted on the products being sold by salads of Firebird and green treasure brands CKX also learned that an oil company in Northeast China is preparing to enter Beijing soybean oil market in the near future The company claims that its products are made entirely of domestic soybeans CKX has obtained the product list of genetically modified logo CKX Firebird high-quality salad oil, green treasure salad oil, green treasure high-grade cooking oil, pure Zhengda bean salad oil of Hailan flower, edible mixed oil of Hailan flower, Xiyingmen high-quality salad oil, Jiaxiang salad oil, Yulong people salad oil, Hongle soybean salad oil and Sicheng pure Zhengda bean salad oil CKX
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