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    Identification of Hawthorn in Dashanzha Pills, Red Ginseng in Yangxin Dingping Cream and Sandalwood in Shiwuwei Chenxiang Pills

    • Last Update: 2022-06-17
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    Identification of Hawthorn in Dashanzha Pills

    [Prescription] Hawthorn 1000g Liu Shenqu (fried with bran) 150g Stir-fried malt 150g

    [Identification] Take 9g of this product, cut into pieces, add 40ml of ethanol, heat to reflux for 10 minutes, filter, evaporate the filtrate to dryness, add 10ml of water to the residue, heat to dissolve, extract with 15ml of n-butanol, shake and extract, divide the n-butanol solution , Evaporate to dryness, add 5ml methanol to the residue to dissolve and filter
    Take 1 ml of the filtrate, add a small amount of magnesium powder and 2 to 3 drops of
    hydrochloric acid , and heat it for 4 to 5 minutes, and it will appear orange-red (color reaction of flavonoids in hawthorn)

    Note: Hawthorn is the dry mature fruit of Crataegus pinnati fida fida Bge.
    varmajor NEBr.
    ) or Crataegus pinnatiida Bge

    The active ingredients are mainly organic acids and flavonoids


    Identification of Red Ginseng in Yangxin Dingxi Cream

    [Prescription] Dihuang 120g Ophiopogon 60g Red Ginseng 20g Jujube 60g Ejiao 20g Black Sesame 50g Cinnamon Twig 30g Ginger 30g Roasted Licorice 40g

    [Identification] ①Take 10ml of this product, add 10ml of water, shake well, saturate with sodium chloride , extract with 15ml of ether, divide the ether solution, place in a white porcelain dish, evaporate to dryness, add 0.
    5% vanillin sulfuric acid to the residue A few drops of the solution will reveal a purple-red color (the triterpene saponins in red ginseng)


    ②Take 10ml of this product, add 5ml of water, shake well, add 10ml of n-butanol , shake, divide the n-butanol solution, place it on a water bath and evaporate to dryness, add 1ml of chloroform to the residue to dissolve it, move it to the test tube, and move it along the tube Add 0.
    5ml sulfuric acid dropwise to the wall, and a red ring appears at the junction of the two liquids

    [Three red ginseng saponin
    chloride - concentrated sulfuric acid (Salkowski reaction)]

    (3) Color reaction of coumarin compounds

    Identification of Sandalwood in Shiwuwei Chenxiang Pills

    This strain is a Tibetan proven prescription

    [Prescription] Agarwood 100g Tibetan woody 150g Sandalwood 50g Red sandalwood 150g Safflower 100g Nutmeg 25g Alpine horseradish vegetable 150g Raspberry stem (peeled, heart) 200g
    Broad vine (peeled) 100g Dried ginger 50g Travertine 100g Cantonese Jujube 50g Kezi (with core) 150g Mao Kezi (with core) 80g Phyllanthus emblica 100g

    【Identification】Take an appropriate amount of this product, grind it finely, take 0.
    5g, add 10ml of water, luke warm, filter, heat the filtrate to give off a clear sandalwood fragrance, let it cool, add
    1 drop of
    ferric chloride test solution, it will appear blue-black , Add 1 drop of sulfuric acid, the blue and black disappeared

    Sandalwood is the dry heartwood of the trunk of Santalum album L.
    , a plant of the family of sandalwood

    Its chemical composition contains volatile oils, mainly α and β-santalene (α-, B-santalene), santene, santenone, α-santenol, and sandalwood.
    Ketones (santal one), santalic acid (santalic acid), teresantalic acid (teresantalic acid); also contains sandalin (santalin), deoxysantain (deoxysantain) and so on




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