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    Identify true and false Eucommia

    • Last Update: 2013-07-15
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    The price of eucommia bark is the price of eucommia bark, a plant of Eucommia price family It is a common Chinese medicine for tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening the muscles and bones It is listed as the top grade in Shennong herbal classic Between the Qingming and the summer solstice every year, select the plants growing for more than 10-20 years, peel off the bark as needed, peel off the rough skin, and dry in the sun, which is the price of Eucommia In the market, the price rattan (commonly known as the price of red Eucommia) of oleander plant red Eucommia is sold as the price of eucommia, and attention shall be paid to identification when using The shape of the genuine Eucommia ulmoides Oliv is mostly flat plate or slightly curled in on both sides, with different sizes and thicknesses, generally about 3-10 mm thick and 40-100 cm long; the outer surface is grayish brown, rough, with irregular longitudinal crack grooves and oblique square transverse crack skin holes, and sometimes light gray lichen patches can be seen As a medicine commodity, most of the rough skin has been peeled off after harvesting, so the external surface is light brown and smooth; the internal surface is dark purple and smooth; the quality is fragile and easy to break, and the section is connected with fine silver white elastic rubber wire after breaking, which is generally pulled to 1~2 cm before breaking, known as "lotus root broken silk" "The price of Eucommia is like that of Magnolia officinalis," said Tao Hongjing, a great ancient medicine expert "It is better to have more white silk." The smell is slight, the taste is a little bitter, and the chewing has gelatinous residue Price rattan of Eucommia ulmoides The shape is roll or block, 1-3mm thick, thinner than the real product, the outer surface is reddish brown, rough, with sparse skin pores, light brown, with wrinkles and transverse fine cracks; the cork peeled off is purplish red or reddish brown, the inner surface is light reddish brown, with fine vertical lines; the texture is crisp, easy to break, and the cross section also has white glue wire, but it is sparse and inelastic, so it can be pulled off immediately; it smells slightly, but tastes little Taste astringent Modern pharmacological studies have proved that Eucommia price extract and decoction have a long-lasting hypotensive effect, good diuretic effect, can inhibit the excitatory effect caused by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, and make the uterus relax; it has some inhibitory effects on tuberculosis Clinical reports have shown that it is effective in the treatment of high blood pressure and poliomyelitis sequelae However, the price rattan of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv Is not a family or a genus with the price of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv Therefore, when we use the price of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv, we should distinguish it from the appearance, shape, color and smell, especially from the cross-section drawing, so as to prevent taking fake products and failing to achieve the purpose of treatment At present, some pharmaceutical farmers are eager for quick success and instant profit, and they peel off the bark of Eucommia ulmoides price young trees for sale, which is undoubtedly "killing the chicken to get the eggs" The bark of young trees is thin as paper Because of the short growth period, the medicinal power will certainly not achieve the expected therapeutic effect Although it is a genuine product, it is also one of the inferior drugs, so it should be rejected.
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