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    If you want the outer wall paint effect is good, the split-box sewing skills are no less!

    • Last Update: 2020-12-07
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    Exterior decoration using realistic imitation granite texture effect of real stone paint and colorful paint has become more popular, but some coatings made without the ideal stone effect, this is the paint problem? No, a large part of this is due to the imperfection of coating sub-design and handling. So what details should you pay attention to in the split-checking of real stone and colorful paint?
    -point design
    In order to make the exterior wall finish effect does not appear rigid, in the division design, cross-length split, vertical long section, work-word sub-section, diamond-shaped grid are good choices, try not to choose squares. Division design also needs to consider the use of building functions, if the commercial office building should choose a more stable split design, and residential, shopping malls, schools, gymnasiums and other places can choose a slightly more lively division plan

    in order to make the real stone paint and stone-sensing paint closer to the stone, in principle, the same division as the stone, such as yin and yang angle, window, building edge division. However, considering the limitations of stone and the flexibility of the coating, the coating sub-section can not be divided in the yin and yang corners, but it is recommended that the side of the window is recommended to be divided, and try to avoid small pieces, small edges. the size of
    according to the building's high and low, the general high-rise sub-groups in 1.5-2.0m2, multi-layered division should be controlled between 1.0-1.5m2, low-level division within 1m2. the width of
    -cell seams
    according to the size of the sub-sectional area reasonable design of the width of the sub-sectional seams, generally should be between 0.8-1.5cm, can also be designed as a horizontal width, vertical narrow, horizontal narrow split effect, but try to control the width of the split seam within 2cm.
    the color of the split seam
    this detail is generally easy to ignore, but it is realistic to affect the overall effect of the coating, the overall design principle is that the main coating color and the color of the split seam has a strong contrast.
    construction of the split-block seams
    true stone paint can take a full spray separation seam color as the base color, and then use the fine-grained paper sub-divide before the construction of the main paint. Can also be the same as stone paint, do primer after the split, after the construction of the main paint to tear off the split lading glue paper, and then with the United States-printed plastic paper will be separated by the two sides of the main paint cover, and then the selected tick line paint rolled on / brushed on / painted on the grid, and then tear off the split piece of plastic paper.
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