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    If your blood pressure rises when you stand, you may be at risk of a heart attack

    • Last Update: 2022-04-25
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    The study's lead author, Dr.

    Nearly half of Americans and about 40 percent of the world's population suffer from high blood pressure, which is considered the world's leading preventable cause of death

    Typically, systolic blood pressure (upper limit) drops slightly while standing

    The researchers evaluated 1,207 people who participated in the HARVEST study

    At enrollment, each participant had blood pressure measured six times in different body positions, including after lying down and standing up

    During a mean follow-up of 17 years, 105 major cardiovascular events occurred

    The top 10% have elevated blood pressure:

    • Almost twice as likely to have major cardiovascular disease as the other participants;

    • There was generally no higher risk of cardiovascular events (exaggerated blood pressure response while standing) at initial assessment;

    • more likely to be smokers (32.

    • better cholesterol levels (lower total cholesterol, higher HDL cholesterol);

    • Systolic blood pressure was lower when lying down than in the other group (140.

    Exaggerated blood pressure response on standing remained an independent predictor of adverse cardiac events or stroke after adjusting for 24-hour mean blood pressure

    "The findings confirm our original hypothesis that a significant increase in blood pressure from lying to standing is important for prognosis in hypertensive young adults

    "Adrenaline levels are an estimate of the overall effect of stressful stimulation over a 24-hour period

    "Research suggests that blood pressure stations should be measured in order to tailor treatment in hypertensive patients, and it is possible that more aggressive life>

    The findings of this study may not apply to people from other racial or ethnic groups, as all study participants reported white race/ethnicity

    Journal Reference :

    1. Paolo Palatini, Lucio Mos, Francesca Saladini, Marcello Rattazzi.

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