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    Il-6R antibody new crown phase 3 clinical failure.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-07
    • Source: Internet
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    Drug source analysis Because Of Kevzara's former car's failure today Actemra can not be considered an accident, now IL-6 can now basically be excluded from the consideration of the new crown treatment.
    the new crown infection has been ferocious, forcing the academic and pharmaceutical communities to rush to war.
    like a serial killer suddenly attacking around the world at the same time, the police need to find the suspect in a short time.
    the scene of the most prominent is the former criminal release of the person is IL-6, immediately attracted the attention of the police.
    Not only that, we already have two listed drugs for the IL-6 pathway, Actemra and Kevzara, that can be immediately arrested.
    saying that you have a hammer in your hand to see what is like a nail, the IL-6 hypothesis is the easiest to verify at that time. there are also several tattooed muscular men in the crowd, such as IL-18, in the
    , but there are no ready-made drugs.
    also has a story that has also accelerated the use of IL-6 drugs to some extent, i.e. a severe cytokine storm characterized by an IL-6 surge in the early stages of CAR-T therapy development.
    The doctor in charge at the time, Carl June, decided to use Actemra outside the label because his daughter used Actemra to control MAS, a rare cytokine storm disease, and the patient, Emma, turned her back overnight.
    this is clearly a success worth repeating. Actemra was first tested in China because of the earlier outbreak in China,
    the trial was not a rigorous control because of the confusion at the time and the importance of controlling a patient's condition was much more important than proving the efficacy of the drug.
    but seemingly effective results made the IL-6 hypothesis even more appealing, and France even announced that Actemra had significantly reduced mortality, but the trial and another French clinical trial that triggered HCQ's expensive paper were flawed.
    now look back il-6 just like other people eating melons are just because the killer is more bloody to the scene to see the lively, of course, there have long been industry such as Roche's former IO head pointed out that the new crown IL-6 level and CAR-T is not in an order of magnitude, can not be confused.
    Although the highly specific IL-6 drug has no effect, the controversial broad-spectrum immunosuppressant dexamethast in other coronavirus infections significantly reduces mortality in patients with severe diseases, although the benefits appear to come mainly from patients under the age of 70 and seem to be harmful in patients with mild conditions.
    MS drug beta interferon is not as widely used as the antiviral brother alpa interferon, but in two small controlled trials, it remains to be seen whether it is possible to accelerate early patient transvulsion, reduce the risk of deterioration, and whether it can be marketed for use.
    direct antiviral drug Redsivir has been widely used in early patients by EUA, although it does not reduce mortality but shortens hospital stays.
    unprepared battle is already difficult to fight, the old medicine new use in the new crown infection although a large number of attempts but only the dexamethasone can be considered really effective.
    No matter how complex a sudden illness may be, everyone instinctively hopes that it is a simple and manageable disease.
    the new crown is far from a flu-like pneumonia, many patients recover a few months later still have varying degrees of symptoms, many organs, especially the heart also suffered varying degrees of damage.
    so far we still don't know how the new crown can have such serious consequences in a small number of people, even if we don't necessarily have a short time to deal with it, bacteria-induced scurvy, other ARDS decades of efforts are still nothing.
    host-specific broad-spectrum antiviral drugs have caught the attention of top VCs such as ARCH, which may be the best strategy for dealing with sudden new viral infections.
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