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    Illegal costs are too low Sinopec, Hubei Yihua, Pansteel Group and other chemical pollution is serious

    • Last Update: 2021-01-06
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    Recently, CCTV Financial Channel's "Economic Half Hour" section reported a program called "The Polluting Chemical Plant Can't Be Shut Down", which filmed and reported on the pollution of seven chemical plants on the ground, causing widespread concern in the chemical industry and the general public. Immediately there were five consecutive days on November 30, December 1, December 2 and December 3, reporting on chemical, metallurgical and other polluting enterprises, including Shanxi Jincheng, Chongqing, Shanxi Luliang, Hubei Yichang, Jiangxi Pengze and other cities, as well as along the upper and lower reaches of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers.
    These enterprises, including the industry-renowned Sinochem Chongqing Lingling Chemical Co., Ltd., Hubei Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd., Pansteel Group, Chinalco Subsidiary Branch, State Electric Investment Shanxi Aluminum Co., Ltd., Panzhihua Titanium High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangxi Pengze County Jishan Chemical Park and other 21 chemical, metallurgical enterprises and parks were named. As early as August 11, 2013, Huayuan Real Estate Chairman Ren Zhiqiang on the Pansteel Group sewage issued a micro-blog, said that Pansteel titanium subsidiary "Panyu titanium industry to the Yangtze River direct sewage drainage, red sewage iron content exceeded the standard nearly a hundred times." Why does the state repeatedly emphasize environmental protection production, but there are still some enterprises repeatedly teach not to change it?
    Infringing costs are too low
    high cost of law-abiding, low cost of illegality, which in China's environmental protection, is not an accident, it is understood that the state has four sewage enterprises in Guangzhou, a factory head said: "We would rather continue production than pollution control, big deal continue to be punished, anyway, environmental protection fines are far less than the loss of closure and environmental protection equipment acquisition and maintenance costs." Although the enterprise was fined for many discharges, it was fined only 11.38 million yuan. Such as the paint industry environmental protection costs are very high, moving millions, or even tens of millions. Processing VOCs equipment is very expensive, the effect of good imported equipment up to 70 million, the annual operating and maintenance costs of 5.6 million, domestic equipment moving 45 million. Solid waste treatment costs, 4000 yuan per ton, a year down, often millions.
    time, environmental enforcement is often caught in the rotation of "sewage, investigation, fine, continued sewage discharge, continued investigation and prosecution, continued fine, and then continued sewage discharge". In this strange circle, law enforcement is constant, fines are constant, but sewage is more than that. Offenders are "justified" and see fines as an endorsement of sewage.
    it is understood that the economic means and regulatory measures against enterprise sewage behavior are lagging behind and unreasonable, the input and output ratio of illegal sewage discharge of enterprises is high, the choice of illegal sewage discharge becomes inevitable. China's sewage charges collection standards are low, far below the cost of pollution control, at the same time there are fewer, less collection, collection can not come up with many cases, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of promoting enterprises to reduce emissions, secondly, the punishment is not strong enough, lack of incentives for enterprises to consciously control pollution, some people have calculated an account High-polluting enterprises per ton of wastewater treatment costs are generally in the tens of thousands of yuan, the daily net income from the theft can often reach hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the maximum fine limit of the environmental protection department is 100,000 yuan, which makes some enterprises would rather be punished than take measures to prevent pollution.
    the poor sense of social responsibility of enterprises
    In recent years, environmental protection, low energy consumption, low VOCs has been the trend, national advocacy, enterprise follow-up, sustainable development is no longer a paper concept. To run a business like a person, to abide by the basic moral bottom line and national laws and regulations, especially in the chemical industry, this belongs to the high-risk chemical industry, this industry people bear more social responsibility than other industries to bear. With the improvement of national health awareness, the whole earth, human living environment in the environmental protection requirements continue to improve, so that the industry is bound to develop in a healthy, environmentally friendly direction. But now some enterprises in order to pursue one-sided economic interests, completely disregard the country's legal and social responsibility. At the same time, the person in charge of the enterprise has a wrong understanding of social responsibility, especially the relationship between the economic benefits of the enterprise and social responsibility, long-term development and corporate social responsibility lack of a correct understanding.
    lack of national policies
    Corporate social responsibility is what it does in addition to profitability to socially meaningful things, and some domestic enterprises lack social responsibility, the root cause is the government's dereliction of duty. On the issue of environmental protection, when a place's economic development blindly pursues GDP, any polluting enterprise will be on top of it and will not be treated in any way, no matter how polluting the enterprise is. Under the conditions of market economy development, the government is the referee, the enterprise is only the athlete, the athletes who have committed the foul should be punished according to law, and the current situation is that not only does not have the regulation of sanctions against the enterprise, but the government over-indulges the enterprise to pollute and destroy the environment. The government's supervision of enterprises is insufficient, many government officials know little about CSR issues, or have no concept at all, and do not have a clear understanding of its interests, focusing only on corporate profits and taxes, and not enough supervision of their illegal activities. In addition, some polluting enterprises on illegal production there is a lucky mentality, even if the scene is found, environmental protection departments responsible for the accident can only be fined, and the resulting environmental pollution in a short period of time is difficult to control, but also to spend human, material and financial resources.
    In the face of endless, repeatedly teach all kinds of sewage violations, environmental protection departments at all levels must increase punishment, and effectively change the problem of low illegal costs, so that illegal enterprises pay a high price, in order to really play a deterrent effect. In the future production of the chemical industry, to effectively abide by national laws and regulations, safe and environmentally friendly production, to do a high degree of social responsibility to the country's enterprises, for a better tomorrow to contribute their own strength.
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